Samsung is desperate to announce the Galaxy S8 to the world and here are the reasons why!

10 interesting facts about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8
10 interesting facts about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8

10 interesting facts about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8

1. Form and build

Samsung have always gone for the best build materials and in the Samsung Galaxy S8, rumors suggest that Samsung might even launch a Titanium version of the device which is the coolest thing ever. The normal S8 and S8 EDGE will have glass and metal mixed form factor.

2. Display

Samsung is achieving new milestones when it comes to the display of the S8 as they will be fitting in a new AMOLED display with ultra HD 4K resolution which will also put their name in the history books as they will be the first one to do so. Samsung Galaxy S8 will come in 2 sizes, a 5 inch display which will be compact for one hand use and a 5.5 inch display for better entertainment.

3. Under the Hood

Flagships are always great on power and this time rumors are strong that Samsung might use their own cooked processor called the Exynos 8890 which offers even better performance than the Snapdragon 830 chipset which haven’t even been launched yet.

10 interesting facts about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8
10 interesting facts about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8

4. Two RAM options

This is the first time when Samsung will give us two RAM options to choose from. You can either go for a 6 GB RAM which comes with 64 GB of storage or you can go for higher storage options with 8 GB of RAM.

5. Camera

This always makes us smile, not only when clicking amazing pictures but also when we read about the advancements Samsung do to stand out from the crowd. Well, Samsung is increasing the pixel count of the camera as an upgrade from S7 to S8 which makes it even more capable of doing great things. Users will be able to record 4K video at 60 FPS which makes it the best camera out there.

6. Front Camera

For the first time, Samsung is going to use a 12 MP front camera with auto focus technology along with front facing flash in the flagship device.

7. Fingerprint scanner

This isn’t something new as Samsung has been using it since 3-4 years now. What is new is that they have included a redesigned fingerprint scanner which is much better than its predecessor as it can unlock your device even if your fingers are wet or dirty.

8. iRiS Scanner

Samsung must have recovered a lot of iRiS scanners by scrapping the Note 7 and they are going to use the same tech in the S8 which is cool as it makes it a perfect package.

9. Price

The Galaxy S8 packs in a lot and that’s the reason that Samsung might be asking for a bit more. Prices are expected to start from 60,000 Rupees.

10. Launch

To overcome the nightmare of the Note 7, Samsung might be going on to launch the S8 in the 4th quarter of this fiscal year which will be their 3rd flagship this year.

10 interesting facts about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8

So these are the features will be available in all new Samsung Galaxy S8. Don’t forget check Top 22 Best Android Phones Under 15000. And all share on Facebook, Google+, Twitter.


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