4 Effective Ways to use Facebook live Videos for Your Business

4 Effective Ways to use Facebook live Videos for Your Business

Communication is a key to business success. Videos are the most effective means of communication. Live videos are attractive and offer far much more information than conventional methods of communication. Live coverage saves time, engages more and uses just a fraction of your marketing resources. When you incorporate live video with your Facebook marketing strategies, success is guaranteed. Gone are the days when business spent fortunes making complicated video clips for advertising. To shoot Facebook live video, just sit in front of your camera and candidly let your clients know what you have to offer, raw and straightforward. You will be elated when you see the number of clients watching you. You can also get their comments and names. If you have a Facebook Share Counter, you will see the number of shares increasing really fast.

4 Effective Ways to use Facebook live Videos for Your Business
4 Effective Ways to use Facebook live Videos for Your Business

With Facebook live video you don’t have to worry about who is watching, because your video will only be accessed by the clients you have chosen.

Here are 4 practical ways you can use Facebook live video.

1 Let them know your personality

Clients are interested in real people. They yearn to understand the personality behind the products they adore. The success of your business is your success according to your clients. You are the icon, not the business. Facebook live video is the best platform for your clients to know the human side of your business.

2 Interact with your clients

Some clarifications lose their taste when sent via email. Others need immediate and direct answers. With Facebook live videos, you can interact with your clients on one on one basis, as if they are just there in your office. In fact, you can learn more from your clients using live videos than from your expensive and time-consuming campaigns.

3 It’s the best place to advertise new products

Do you have a new product? This is the best platform to promote your products. It requires a minimal amount of your resources and the outcome is tantalizing. You can perform demonstrations of your new product here to save your clients energy and time.

4 Need an online party?

Yes, treat your clients with an online party using live video coverage. To start with, make sure you publicize the party in advance and offer incentives like gifts.

During the ‘party’ don’t be so formal otherwise you will lose your audience. The aim is to let your clients share and interact with you freely on matters touching on the products you sell.

Just being on Facebook is not enough for tour business. You have to change with time for you to remain relevant. Facebook live video, though relatively new, is proving to be an effective way to market your products in Facebook. However, you need to know your clients well so that you will include only the relevant ones in your live video coverage. This will save you the time you could have otherwise used to interact with idlers. Your technology must be perfect so that you have clear and audible interactions.


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