5 Best Bitcoin Credit Cards In 2018

5 Best Bitcoin Credit Cards In 2018

Are you looking for the easiest method of buying Bitcoin? There are several ways, but buying bitcoins with credit cards and debit cards around the world has quickly caught on. People prefer using these cards because they offer convenience and are relatively faster compared to bank transfers. In addition, using a credit card allows you to buy bitcoin instantly from several exchanges around the world. Now you can load bitcoin to your credit card and spend it on goods and services.

5 Best Bitcoin Credit Cards In 2018
5 Best Bitcoin Credit Cards In 2018

5 Best Bitcoin Credit Cards In 2018

The only downside is the fees attached to credit card use – they are quite high though they vary from provider to provider.

Fears around cryptocurrency markets seem to have led to last week’s announcement by Visa and MasterCard that they were changing how credit cards were to be used on exchanges around the world. Apparently, using credit cards will now attract additional fees depending on the card issuer.

That aside, Bitcoin credit buys will continue to be popular as more people look into easier ways to acquire Bitcoins. And as merchants accept Bitcoin as a payment method for goods and services, it is only good that you know how to buy Bitcoin with a credit card too. You can visit websites like here abitgreedy.com/buy-bitcoin-with-credit-card/ to get to know how to buy Bitcoin with your favourite credit card.

The number of Bitcoin debit/credit card providers has steadily increased over the years as more people warm up to Bitcoin as a payment option for everyday items. Before you decide to pick on a card issuer, remember there are many scammers in the cryptocurrency business. Therefore, a little caution won’t do you any harm. Always go for reputable providers even if their fee may be a little on the higher side. You can also get a lot of help from reading user reviews.

Here are the top 5 bitcoin credit cards in 2018.

CryptoPay Bitcoin Debit Card

  • Card Type: VISA.
  • Supported currencies: US Dollar, Euro, British Pound.
  • Has an App.

Cryptopay credit cards are available all over the world. The issuer gives you the option to either get a plastic card or a virtual one. Registration requires an email and full name; therefore, it is not anonymous. However, Cryptopay does not need ID verification when you place an order for the card. Shipping is worldwide for free and normally takes between 3-10 days.

  • Charges: Plastic card costs $15
  • ATM Withdrawal- $2.5 and an additional 3% fee levied on international transactions
  • Charges $1 for maintenance and 1% card load commission

Xapo Bitcoin Debit Card

  • Card Type: VISA.
  • Supported currencies: US Dollar, Euro, British Pound.
  • Has an App.

Xapo is an established company with a good reputation around the world. They offer simple to use pin and chip credit cards. Xapo allows you to use it without providing full verification details. However, the company will impose a limit of up to $2500. The good news is that you can use Xapo cards at ATMs and at Points-of-Sale. There is no annual fee charged after the initial $12 charged at the beginning.

  • Charges: Card $20
  • Annual fee (one time) – $12
  • 3% foreign transfer charge.

Bitpay Bitcoin Debit Card

  • Card Type: VISA.
  • Has an app.
  • Supported currencies: US Dollar, Euro, British Pound.

Bitpay is a popular company that offers Visa credit cards for the US and European markets. Bitpay is issued by Wavecrest Holdings and Metropolitan Commercial Bank for Europe and the US respectively. One advantage with Bitpay is that it offers you direct fiat loads. For BTC, the company bases its spot on a variety of price indexes. With Bitpay you can have access to ATM withdrawals at a small fee while the point of sale transactions is offered free.

  • Charges: Card costs $10
  • ATM withdrawal: $2

Shift Bitcoin Debit Card

  • Card Type: VISA.
  • Supported currencies: US Dollar, Euro, British Pound.

This card is issued as Coinbase/Shift credit card. It is a very popular credit card in the US that connects to Coinbase accounts at very low rates. The services are available in most US states and in some selected countries around the world. With this card, you can have your balances deducted directly from other coin wallets like Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. Shift credit card is accepted by over 30milion Visa merchants around the world. You can withdrawal at both local and international ATMs using this card at a fee of $2.5 and $3.5 respectively. It will also cost you 0% cost for converting your BTC to USD.

Charges: Card Costs- $10

  • ATM withdrawals: as shown above
  • 3% international transaction fee

Bitwala Bitcoin Debit Card

  • Card Type: VISA.
  • Supported currencies: Euro.

Bitwala Bitcoin Debit card is a popular card with users from Europe. Bitwala specializes in providing Bitcoin prepaid balances in EUR. This particular credit card is issued by MyChoice in conjunction with WaveCrest Holdings Ltd. You can use your Bitwala credit card in all places that VISA payments. When you sign up for Bitwala you have a choice between a plastic card and a virtual one. The company charges a fee of 0.5 % for every card you load. In addition, you have access to both ATM withdrawals and Point of Sale transactions. ATM transactions have a €2.25 fee levy while you can enjoy PoS transactions at no cost at all.

  • Charges: physical card €8.00
  • Virtual card €2.00
  • ATM transactions- €2.25

Other Bitcoin credit cards worth mentioning include Wirex Visa, Spectrecoin Debit card, Uquid, and Coinsbank.


Cryptocurrencies are getting accepted as payment options by merchants, every other day. Bitcoin, however, leads the way as the most popular crypto. This popularity means that users seek methods that make transacting with Bitcoin easier. The use of credit cards/debit cards offers advantages as speed and convenience. To that end, there are several credit card issuers in the market. Nevertheless, we also have scams. So before you sign up to a company as your credit card issuer or provider, try to find out as much as you can about that company. It is also advisable to transact within your limits. Another important aspect is to find out whether that particular provider is allowed in your country or state. Thanks for reading, check out our website for more useful credit-card related information.

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