5 Best Sites for YouTube Lovers

Technology has changed the face of the world. Gone are those days, when you had to travel without any entertainment. You do not have to install a television in your car because you can carry the biggest source of entertainment along with you. The YouTube application or site allows you to watch videos, movies and listen to your favorite songs with lyrics. There is no dearth of entertainment with YouTube by your side. There are billions of people across the world, which have the sheer love for YouTube. It is highly addictive and lucrative. Some people have reached new heights with the help of YouTube. They have their own channel of cooking, dancing, singing, workouts and even stand-up comedy. We have something special for the YouTube lovers today! There are many sites which allow you to download the video, convert it into MP3, post the video on social media or just advertise your new channel. We have listed the 5 Best Sites for YouTube Lovers. Take a quick look!


5 Best Sites for YouTube Lovers



YouTube-Mp3 converts YouTube video to mp3 and lets you download that file. You do not have to create an account to convert the YouTube video. All you need is the URL and you are good to go. The site allows you to download the video file. You can use it on your PC, MAC or Linux. The conversions are performed efficiently and you will get high-quality downloads. The service is free and so, you do not have shell out money from your pocket.


This has to be our favorite site! Using ThumbTube, you can create large YouTube thumbnails for Facebook. The website is user-friendly and all you need to do is paste the URL of the YouTube video. Once you paste the URL, the site will allow creating a new link to share the video on your Facebook wall with big thumbnails. You can directly share the video on Facebook like native videos and let the world know about your favorite songs and videos. It hardly takes a couple of minutes to paste the link of the YouTube video URL and share it with the world through ThumbTube. Your thumb will do all the work within two minutes.


How about KEEPING the video with you forever? You can do that through KeepVid. There are times when you wish to keep a fitness video with you for your morning workouts. There may be some days when you do not have the internet connection. It is best to SAVE those videos for later. All you need to do is paste the URL and download the video. It is a trusted site and you can download as many videos from YouTube.


That’s a short name for a YouTube link shortening site. You can shorten the URL’s of videos, playlists, and channels through this site. You do not have pay anything to use this site! YouTube lovers appreciate this site due to its efficiency of shortening links within few seconds. It took two seconds to paste the URL and the site shortened it with ease. It is miraculous!


Reddit does not need a formal introduction. There are many YouTube lovers, who use this site. Why do they use it? This is a platform for the online communities. There is a page called https://www.reddit.com/r/youtube/ which is a community, where YouTube lovers talk about features, announcements, bugs and latest channels. It is a tailor-made world for YouTube lovers. The https://www.reddit.com/r/SmallYTChannel/ allows you to advertise your channel through Reddit. It is lucrative because, through the community, people will get to know about your channel and what you are up to.

5 Best Sites for YouTube Lovers

Final Verdict

This was a short and sweet list for all the YouTube lovers. We hope you enjoyed reading the article. More importantly, we hope it was useful for you. We appreciate the fact that YouTube allows bachelors to understand easy recipes and for upcoming artists to showcase their talent. It is a great platform! It is also a fantastic source of entertainment. So, do use the above-mentioned sites and take full advantage of YouTube.


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