5 Definitive Reasons Why Every Company Needs Efficient Data Destruction Services

5 Definitive Reasons Why Every Company Needs Efficient Data Destruction Services

5 Definitive Reasons Why Every Company Needs Efficient Data Destruction Services: Have you always been under the impression that hackers only target the running operations of companies?

Have you ever wondered where they get the information that they sell for a whole lot of money?

5 Definitive Reasons Why Every Company Needs Efficient Data Destruction Services
5 Definitive Reasons Why Every Company Needs Efficient Data Destruction Services

It will interest you to know that cyber criminals use various strategies to get their hands on sensitive data that companies like yours will pay a lot to recover. One of the most simple ones is to buy a bunch of hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs) on eBay. Alternatively, such criminals get hold of other storage devices that have escaped data destruction processes.

Yes! It’s that simple!

Read this article on ZDNet.com and you’ll learn about how a company conducted an experiment where they purchased storage devices off the internet from several countries across the world. And, hit pay dirt!

The company found valuable and critical information on 47% of the storage devices including POS training videos, invoices, purchase orders, PDFs, passwords, CAD files, JPGs, and various other data that could potentially wipe out the company that had previously owned them.

And, this risk could have been avoided by simply conducting the proper data destruction practices!

Are You the Owner of a Business that Uses Storage Media?

Whether you own a small business or a large enterprise, you could be at the receiving end of the hacking. It could be your company’s information being made available on eBay nicely packaged in an old hard drive that was sold without wiping the data. Given that data breaches cost companies an average of $3.6 million all over the world, you cannot risk a similar occurrence in your business. Your best bet is to hire the services of an expert Data Destruction Company that will take care of the storage devices for you before disposing of them.

Read ahead for 5 of the most important reasons to use a certified data destruction service.

1. You Risk Having to Pay Fines and Compensations to the Affected Entities

If you routinely gather, store, and use personal information from customers, vendors, and other entities to conduct business operations, know that you absolutely must secure this information. According to the latest anti data breach laws enacted by the federal and state government, you could incur major fines in case your company is found guilty of causing a breach. Further, you may have to pay compensations to the victims for the losses they might suffer because of your negligence. If you also have to cover the costs of the lawsuits they bring against your company, the total expense could go up to millions of dollars. And, could result in your company having to close down.

Not convinced that something like this can happen? Check out this article on the Denver Post that outlines such cases.

2. Simply Overwriting or Deleting Files on Hard Drives is Not Effective Enough

How does your company deal with old and redundant devices and their storage media before disposing of them? Deleting files? Overwriting them using readily available software on the internet? Or, maybe, you use the preloaded tools on every device to erase the data. If this is how your company operates, know that these methods are just not effective enough in the contemporary world of advanced hacking.

To erase the data securely, you need to use data destruction solutions that destroy the HDDs and SSDs to shreds so that it is impossible to retrieve the data in them. Later, these shreds are delivered to recycling plants where the metal is melted down to its alloy state for reusing. You’ll also receive a certificate that gives you the serial number of the device and indemnifies your business from any responsibility.

3. You Need to Remain Compliant with the Current Data Breach Laws

Smart business owners must take care to entrust their devices and the sensitive information on them to licensed service providers that have the NAID certification. Why is this important? Read this article on CSO Online that explains what NAID is all about

Companies with the NAID certificate will take care to use the correct data disposal protocols as laid down by the federal, state, and industry laws. The solutions they use will also be in compliance with environmental concerns and guaranteed to be eco-friendly. Like, for instance, certified data destruction companies will never burn down HDDs and SSDs, and risk toxins getting released into the atmosphere. Once you hire expert services, you get complete assurance that your legal and ethical obligations have been taken care of.

4. You Must Remember to Deal with Backups Also

Backing up files into additional storage devices is a part of all company operations. That’s because you’ll always want to prepare for the possibility of a device breaking down or getting damaged and losing the data. When erasing the personal data you have stored, you must also take care to deal with the backups you’ve created in the form of removable and portable media. These media can include VHS tapes, pen drives, floppy drives, DVDs, or any other. Even if you believe that the devices are redundant, know that experienced hackers can retrieve the information stored in them. Entrust them to the data destruction company for proper disposal.

5. You Need Data Destruction for the Documents You Store

As a savvy company owner, you should be aware that data breaches can also occur by way of the documents and other paperwork you store. Any notes and shreds of paper that an employee might use as a reminder can be used to get into your company’s database. For instance, a worker noting down instructions given by the boss or passwords for a short while. Ordinarily, after use the paper might just get crumpled and tossed in the trash can. And, provide a potential channel for hackers to get hold of sensitive information. Prevent this from happening by training your employees to deliver every piece of paper to the data destruction service for shredding and pulping. And, remain compliant with the FACTA Disposal Rule.

Data breaches are a very real possibility in today’s world. And, to continue to safeguard the interests of your company, you need expert services who will provide efficient solutions. Find the best company you can and entrust your devices and documents to the professionals.


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