No doubt percentage of Android devices is increasing exponentially, and there are millions of users use their smart phones to check emails, social media accounts, and share content. You can use your Android phone to manage your blog and share latest blog posts by using blogging apps and the best part is these apps are FREE.

I know it is difficult to write content using a smart phone but still, you can edit, update, or do any minor stuff when you don’t have access to your computer (when traveling). I am also using few apps and thought why not share them with others.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

5 Essential Apps for Android User to Manage Website/Blog

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most essential and popular apps when it comes to Android applications for bloggers. I can guess, almost every blogger and webmaster use this app to keep in touch with their blog traffic. You can monitor how many views your website get today, yesterday, previous month, current month, and last week. In fact, it provides all the major information which is important for any blogger.

You can use custom option to analyze the traffic of any month as well as compared with other months. With Real time users, it shows you how many users are surfing your website currently. Google Analytics also illustrates the percentage of visitors and compare with previous day to let you know if you are gaining more traffic or losing. You must install this application to track blog traffic.

2. WordPress

If you’re a WordPress CMS user which is one of the leading content management systems then must install WordPress application on your Android device. It offers great usability and thus helps you improve productivity. You can create new posts, pages, edit posts, update your website, and do almost anything that you can perform using a computer.

Besides, publishing content, you can install and delete WordPress plugins as well as themes. Want to do some changes in coding, no problem you can do that with this app easily.

3. Pingdom

Monitoring your website’s uptime is the most crucial and important thing and every webmaster should know about it. Here comes in Pingdom, most reputed and powerful service to track your web hosting server performance, downtimes, uptimes, website loading speed, server response, and real time user monitoring.

Pingdom Android application allows you checking each and every detail of your hosting server with an easy to navigate interface. It has a very sophisticated layout which delivers ease of use. Pingdom is a free tool and can be installed on iOS as well.

[If you don’t like to use Pingdom as it is pricey then check out these Pingdom alternatives to find the related and low-cost services]

4. Evernote

It is another awesome app which webmaster can use to create the list of tasks, write notes, and manage their daily activities. You might agree with me when I say, scheduling task increase productivity significantly, aren’t you?

Evernote also allows you hand writing option to write anything more easily and fastly then using touch keyboard. It syncs all of your data which can be used on any devices all around the world. Evernote is available for all the major platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows operating system.

5. Dictionary

Dictionary as the name says everything. It helps you check meanings of any word that you don’t know. All you have to do is enter the word for which you want to check meaning and it will show you the answers. You can mark words as favorite and also check the previous words.

You can use its free or paid version to avoid annoying advertisements. But it is still good if you don’t want to buy the premium version. Dictionary has a nice and clean layout. You must give it a try. It pulls data from and shows you synonyms and definitions for all words you enter.

There are thousands of application which can be used for different purposes and webmasters can take benefits as per their need. I have listed few of them which are most essential Android apps. You should give these applications at least a single try to check if these are helpful or not.


If you think I have missed any app which should be listed here, then please don’t hesitate to comment below.


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