5 Prudent Reasons Why Companies Should Opt for Professional Hard Drive Shredding

5 Prudent Reasons Why Companies Should Opt for Professional Hard Drive Shredding

5 Prudent Reasons Why Companies Should Opt for Professional Hard Drive Shredding:

Let’s do a quick questionnaire.

As the owner of a business in an intensely competitive commercial world, do you regularly update your gadgets and equipment?

Do you make sure to get professional hard drive shredding for the outdated devices before you dispose of them?

5 Prudent Reasons Why Companies Should Opt for Professional Hard Drive Shredding
5 Prudent Reasons Why Companies Should Opt for Professional Hard Drive Shredding

Are you aware of the rising threats of data breaches across the world?

Are you aware that a data breach can cause significant losses resulting in your company having to close down?

Did you just answer “Yes!” to all of these questions? Congratulations! You’re secured!

But, if your response was, “Huh!” to any of the questions, you and your business are in serious trouble.

Data Breaches are a Real Possibility When You Discard Intact Electronics

Take a look at some of the instances described in this article on the University of Carolina website, and you’ll realize how easy it is for hackers to retrieve sensitive data from devices that are sold with their hard drives intact. This information can make it to the open market for sale. Worse, you might find that your company is embroiled in a lawsuit over the misused data. Or, that you’ve been found liable by the law for causing losses to third parties because of the stolen data. If the hacker demands that you pay a ransom for returning the valuable hard drives, you could incur substantial losses.

Keep n mind that the 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study by Ponemon reports that the average cost of each lost piece of data with personal and sensitive information is $148. And, if the number of compromised records is less than 10,000, you can expect that the average cost can go up to $2.2 million.

The solution? Hire the services of expert data destruction companies that can take care of the devices for you in compliance with the latest regulations laid down by the federal authorities.

Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for hard drive shredding services provided by certified companies. And, yes! Data leaks and the possible losses that can wipe out your business are only one aspect of them.

You Remain Compliant with Federal Regulations

Like the experts at All Green Electronics Recycling warn, all 50 states now have strict regulations regarding the harvesting and storing of personal information. These laws have a list of guidelines that require companies to safeguard the data and protect it from hackers and cybercriminals. In case such data is breached, you must inform all the affected entities and take steps to minimize the losses they may incur. In addition, your company may have to pay hefty fines and compensations. To protect your company from such situations, it is best that you undertake responsible hard drive shredding before sending the devices to recycling plants.

You Remain Compliant with International Laws

As your business grows, you’re likely to include offshore clients in your list of customers. Should you choose to deliver products and services to consumers in countries like say, the European Union, you’ll have to remain compliant with their data security laws. According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 enacted on 25 May 2018, alien companies providing services to their citizens can be held liable for any data breaches in the information they collect. In case a breach occurs in your company, and you violate the rights of any of your EU customers, you could incur fines of up to 4% of the international turnover or €20 million.

You Ensure Secrecy of Company Operations

Every business has several trade secrets and other intellectual property that it wishes to keep safe from competitors. The hard drives on your devices could contain this sensitive information. In addition, you may have accounting and taxation information, employee personal details like SSNs, health insurance details, and a whole range of other data that can be very valuable in the open market. A wise move is to transfer this data into removable storage devices and call in the hard drive shredding experts to deal with the HDDs and SSDs before you discard them.

You Protect the Environment

By donating or sending used electronics to recycling plants, you’ll prevent the gadgets from ending up in landfills and polluting the environment. Most electronic equipment is made from metals and other elements that are toxic if they enter the ground or are burned. Certified hard drive shredding companies reduce the disks to tiny shards that are unreadable by even the most sophisticated of tools and hackers. Next, the companies sent the shards to recycling plants where the hard drives are melted down into their alloy state for reuse. This process as outlined by the National Center for Biotechnology Information is possibly the most efficient method system for securing sensitive data.

You Protect Your Company from Being Held Liable

When you work with certified companies to take care of your hard drive shredding needs, you’ll have complete assurance that they’ll follow the mandatory protocols for managing the equipment. Such companies hire well-trained personnel after screening their backgrounds carefully. Further, all shredding is done under the supervision of closed-circuit cameras, and you’ll have access to the footage. All your equipment is transported in secure guarded, armored trucks to the shredding location.

On your request, the company will provide the hard drive shredding services on your business premises under your watchful eye. Once the shredding is complete, you’ll receive a certificate with the serial number of the hard drive destroyed. This document is proof of destruction and indemnifies your company from any liability.

Data breaches occurring as a result of the irresponsible disposal of HDDs, SSDs, and other equipment is a real possibility, and every smart business owner should prepare for it. In addition to the obvious laptops, PCs, tablets, PCOs, and mobile phones, include devices like printers and copies in your list of critical devices and keep your company secure.


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