5 Steps to be Followed to Get Your Apps Approved in iOS

5 Steps to be Followed to Get Your Apps Approved in iOS

5 Steps to be Followed to Get Your Apps Approved in iOS: Developing an iOS mobile app is already known by many as there are a lot of open sources available on the internet, but what to do after developing the app, how to launch the app in the App store? This blog is focused to answer all these questions. If you are launching an app in Apple’s App Store, make sure you follow these few steps to get approved by the iOS standards. It would take 4 – 6 weeks to get your app approved, which is a worst-case scenario.

5 Steps to be Followed to Get Your Apps Approved in iOS
5 Steps to be Followed to Get Your Apps Approved in iOS

5 Steps to be Followed to Get Your Apps Approved in iOS

  • Check the Functionality
    Make sure about the functionality of the app that is being developed by you, many of the entrepreneurs are constantly complaining about their rejection of their app by the Apple’s App Store. Well, it is must to know about the functionality of your app and also the standards fixed by the App Store Policy. Even some apps would be having the same functionality as the web applications, Apple will think that such apps are better to be released as a web application rather than a mobile application. So while building an iOS app, keep this in mind.
  • User-Generated Content
    Apple requires a feature that helps the admin of the app to get notified of their users’ thoughts and ideas, especially when it comes to an app that contains social media content. Content reporting is one of the best features when it comes to a social media app, and Apple requires it much more than any other mobile application company. If there is a content that is posted by someone else and there should be an option to flag the content stating that the content violates the policy of the app or any other standards.
  • Collecting the User’s Information
    There are a lot of apps that collect the user information and use it for various purposes, but when it comes to an iOS app Apple monitors regularly and if it finds that the app is collecting unwanted information from the users then Apple would more likely to restrict the app from its App Store. The app agencies in the market are much aware of Apple’s policies. When you are launching an app in the App Store, be aware of that App Store will go through the entire app and its content, if you’re collecting the users’ information then make sure you mention it beforehand and receive their permission.
  • Undocumented Features While launching your app in the App Store, you need to be working on the ASO as well. If you aren’t well aware of ASO then it stands for App Store Optimization, it is must to reach your app to your potential customers. During this process, you might need to write a description of your app and it needs to be content and apt to the objective of the app. This is strictly followed by the App Store, and it is something that needs to be done to all the apps as the description of the app is totally different from the features that are implemented in the apps.
  • Forced Reviews and Shares
    If App Store seems that the apps launched in there ask the users to published forced reviews and shares by the app then it is a high time for the app to be in the App Store. There are some apps that would be constantly nudging its users to write a review and also to rate it. If App Store receives any complaints or constantly bashing about the app and its behaviour then it’s the time to bid adieu to the App Store and also to the services you provide. This is one of the biggest mistakes that many app developers do. Apart from the above-mentioned points that are a lot of other points, if you ever happened to get a chance to peep into the App Store’s publishing policy then read it carefully and be not lethargic or even to ignore any points that are mentioned in the Apple’s policy. When you could grasp Apple’s idea then it is much easier to develop an app or even to write ASO to the app. After all originality and transparent apps are never gets ignored by Apple.

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