Success in any industry requires use of efficient tools and technology which guarantees success. Imagine yourself competing in an International Archery Tournament.

Will you consider using your own Wooden Bow where everyone is using sophisticated compound bow?

Definitely not.

Similarly, success in the 3D industry be it Media, Architecture or other related industry where 3D technology plays a significant role depends on use of efficient tools and technology which assures success.



Modern concept of movie making which has been redefined by use of next generation 3D technology used in Avatar, Bahubali and movies of Marvel like Captain America Civil War, Iron Man as well as the upcoming Avengers Infinity War. If Spiderman is able to swing past buildings at blazing speed, Tony Stark is able to control his suit and Guardians of the Galaxy are able to travel the world, its been made possible through use of amazing next generation software like 3DS MAX, MAYA and Autodesk series which make absolute real time animation and gives users ability to mix real images with virtual images in such a level of perfection that even ordinary citizens won’t be able to differentiate between real and virtual.

Best example is one scene in the 2009 movie Terminator Salvation where the makers tried to make a truck fly in the air for a certain level of time. Where real time Physics failed, software and Computers came into the frame to create a virtual image of the scene. Sophisticated software used by Majors like Industrial Light and Magic helped make virtual elements make more real which was not possible earlier. So if you ever come across a helicarrier in a movie led by Nick Fury, don’t even imagine it in reality for the next 20 years or so. 3D software also made it easy for creators of Alien movies give their creature a leaner meaner and stronger appearance which was not possible earlier.


3D printing technology has already reached households. But in Industries like Architecture, Aeronautics Research and other Design related industries, such technology is a boost as researchers can use recyclable plastic material to manufacture plastic filaments which they can in turn use to make models of their designs for test run and experimentation purposes. Many companies like lix , 3doodler 2.0, Genesis have come forward for making 3d printing handheld things. Imagine yourself as a researcher at NASA where you and your team have developed a design for an Interstellar Spaceship which will take 100 people to Pluto. You want to run an endurance test for the design which will prove whether the Spaceship can withstand harsh temperatures during launch.

So you create a model and test it in a simulated environment where you find that a small crack in the wing opened up a hole through which unwanted particles can enter and destroy the ship. Such unpredictable scenarios can be understood and analysed well using 3D printed models.


In reality, Cameras play a significant role in the success of 3D films of today. If software is responsible for 40%, then Cameras are responsible for 59% of the overall development of every 3D Film. Next generation sophisticated cameras like Fusion Camera System used by James Cameron in Avatar and BB 360 from AMD used in the movie Bahubali have changed the way movie making has been done all these years. This has been made possible through innovation by master directors like Cameron and SS Rajamouli with the aid of their cinematographers and technology giants like AMD. These cameras might be expensive, but the level of picture quality they give is amazing and worth every penny.

IMAX cameras are available for rent at 15000 to 16000 $ per week. Nowadays apps like 3D camera app are available on Google Play Store which can be used with 3D enabled smartphone cameras. So whenever you want to make a movie, consider buying cameras which provide utmost quality and are safe to use.


3D mapping software like Google Earth and Apple Maps has made navigation much more easier than ever. Even normal mobile users and Business owners can approach GPS majors like MapMyIndia.com to get 3D enabled GPS devices. The technology has made locating places even more easier. Viewers can check out places sitting in their own homes and find locations for their shop, Business or maybe while buying flats. Best in this segment as of now are Google Earth and Apple Maps which have perfect 3D visual graphics as well as search engine optimization techniques which make it easy for users to locate places of their choice.


For running a 3D enabled Business, one needs to have efficient Network systems and storage setup which can support their work as such processes require huge data storage and perfect network systems. Server systems provided by HP and IBM are top notch in this segment for Big Businesses. For up and coming Animators and Business owners, VMWare Virtual desktop software as well as Seagate’s 10TB server hard drive equipped with networking facility can work wonders. Virtual desktop softwares like VMWare can enable Computer specialists to run specific number of OS softwares in their system without compromising on hard disk space. This enables them to test run their projects on every OS to assure safety in software use.

So these are 5 most important tools everyone in 3D industry should be using. Let me know your views. Thanks

Mack Graham

Mack Graham is a avid reader of new technology. He has a keen interest in advanced tech stuff. He is a die hard fan of Alon Musk. In the free time, you can find him chilling out with friends. Currently He is working as an outreach expert for various companies.

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