All You Should Know About iPhone 8

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All You Should Know About iPhone 8 : Since the Apple’s first iPhone device have released, until now its popularity has immensely increased among the users. Now in 2017 iPhone lovers are waiting for the latest Apple’s smartphone device. 2017 is the year of 10th anniversary of mighty iPhone, the CEO of Apple’s Steve jobs first announced on 9 January 2007 and revealed in this particular year on June 29. According to some authentic rumors, the latest iPhone 8 allegedly is coming up with plenty of groundbreaking features no time ever before. So, we have accumulated all the news, leaks and rumors of Apple’s latest cellphone for fans which are following.

All You Should Know About iPhone 8

iphone 8 specification and images
iphone 8 specification and images

Releasing Date:

Usually, Apple releases its latest iPhone in the first two weeks of September, before few months of Christmas. But according to some rumors, Apple is going to break its usual tradition; it may be possible that this time Apple may release its latest smartphone very earlier than expected. Apple will start the production of latest iPhone 8 model in the month of June, “according to the sources of Tech Trader Daily.” There is also having chances of releasing iPhone 8 on January 29, the same day when first iPhone was released.

Price OF iPhone 8:

Traditionally, Apple smartphone devices are very costly, since 2013 when the company has launched the iPhone 5c; it was not cheap at all having priced of 469 euros. But dramatically the latest iPhone device will break all its previous records; it may exceed 1000 dollars, the most expensive iPhone of all time, according to the leaks reports of The “Fast Company”. Rumors also telling the story, that apple is coming up with three smartphone devices at once, 5.8-inch model (iPhone 8), 5.5-inch model (iPhone 7s) and 4.7-inch model (iPhone 7s). The latest Apple’s device reportedly will have OLED display; it would be costly twice as LCD display available in current Apple’s smartphone devices.

All-Glass Design:

Apple is focusing on its major design for iPhone 8, working remarkably hard on all glass version of its latest mighty smartphone, for release in 2017. The very usual thing is going to happen again this year, the Apple has used the glass stuff in its cell phone devices as it was used in 4 and 4s devices. The glass devices were heavily criticized due to lack of durability because it was easily cracked once dropped.

Curved OLED Display:

The latest model of iPhone 8 will have new cutting edge curved OLED display instead of LCD display and it also has practically no bezels. The same thing is adopted by the Samsung smartphone device Samsung Galaxy s7 edge. The OLED display system is contemporary and favorable to latest iPhone 8 model as compare to the LCD display, OLED screen lights up every individual pixel when it is compulsory. Apple is allegedly testing almost ten versions of the latest model of iPhone 8 and only one would be with the curved screen. The latest Apple smartphone device will have the 4k resolution which would be more suitable for virtual reality based applications.

Home Button No more:

According to some rumors, Apple is also coming up without the home button and it may be alternated with the touch sensitive digital button. The same rumors were spread at the time of the release of iPhone 7.

Charger without Wire:

As we all know that charging the phone without wire becomes familiar through some contemporary Android devices. Most of the latest Android smartphones such as Samsung devices, but the charger without the wire has the slow ability to charging the android smartphone.

According to some sources, the iPhone is working on it, the charger without the wire may come with the latest iPhone device in the year of 2017.

Within Three Different Sizes:

It is reportedly said that apple is working on its upcoming three versions of its latest iPhone which includes the 5-inch model to sit within the existing 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch handsets. The iPhone with 5-inch version will come up with the dual-lens camera along with the slight modules which are set vertically.


The latest Apple’s smartphone iPhone 8 will have the A11 chip, created with the ARM’s sharp 10nm process and will run with iPhone 11. The storage will have 32 GB, 128GB, and 256 GB.


If you are thinking that apple’s iPhone 7 plus will come up with dual lens camera, then let’s see what happen.

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