Best Bitcoins Mining Software

Best Bitcoins Mining Software

Are you thinking for earn some bitcoins by the help of Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin trading or buy or sell bitcoins online, You can definitely enter the world of mining Bitcoins with the help of the best Bitcoins mining software. But before we tell you about the top 10 best Bitcoins mining software, let us start with the basics.

Best Bitcoins Mining Software
Best Bitcoins Mining Software


Best Bitcoins Mining Software

What is Bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin mining is the process in which you add transaction records to Bitcoin’s public ledger of past transactions, which is called the block chain. The ledger of past transactions is called blockchain because it is literally a chain of blocks that serves to confirm all transactions happening around, to the rest of the network. For store your bitcoins you also need anyone trusted bitcoins wallet service.

During Bitcoin mining, all transactions are verified and then added to the public ledger. Anyone who has access to the internet and to suitable hardware can participate in Bitcoin mining, which is also a means to release new Bitcoins. Bitcoin miners get paid with any transaction fees along with a subsidy for newly created coins in the network.

What does a Bitcoin miner actually do?

In every 10 minutes or so, mining computers collect a few hundred pending Bitcoin transactions (one block) and turn them into a mathematical puzzle. Now all miners strive to find the solution to this puzzle. The miner who succeeds gets 25 Bitcoins as a reward, once another 99 blocks have been added to the ledger.

Miners make use of special Bitcoins mining software to solve these maths problems and to get a certain number of Bitcoins in exchange.

What do you need for Bitcoin mining?

In order to successfully mine Bitcoins, you need the right hardware, along with the best software matching your needs, and then you need to arrange a way to receive the mining profits and start solving the mathematical algorithms.

Here is the top 10 best Bitcoins mining software that is used the most by Bitcoin miners and you can use the same.


BitMinter may not be the most popular mining software but trust us; it is the best mining software when it comes to connecting you with potential clients. BitMinter is all about making Bitcoin mining easy and helping you win high payouts. It comes with easy installation, which makes it a good choice for beginners. BitMinter is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems.


CGminer is at present the most popularly used GPU/FPGA/ASIC miner that is considered one of the best Bitcoins mining software available in the mining world. It is an open source GPU miner that has been written in C language. It is available for use on Windows, Linux and OS X operating systems. One reason behind CGminer being so popular is that it is based on the original code CPU miner. It has some amazing features which are as follows:

  • It has remote interface capabilities.
  • CPU mining support.
  • Fan speed control.

Bitcoin Miner

Bitcoin Miner works with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. It comes with an easy to use interface and also offers features like power saving mode, mining pool support, and fast share submission. Bitcoin Miner has another special feature called Profit reports, which will help you see whether your Bitcoin mining is profitable or not. This feature is appreciated by all.

Easy Miner

Easy Miner is popular Bitcoins mining software that acts as a convenient wrapper for CGMiner and BFGMiner software. This GUI based Bitcoins mining software supports the get work mining protocol and also the Stratum mining protocol. You can put it to use for both solo and pooled mining. It will configure your miner and will provide you performance graphs that will help you visualize your entire mining activity with ease.

BFG Miner

BFG Miner is much like CG Miner that we talked about. The only major difference between the two of them is that it doesn’t focus on GPUs like CG Miner does. The BFG Miner has specifically been designed for ASICs. BFG Miner allows you for mining with free Mesa/LLVM OpenCL along with benefits like ADL device reordering by PCI bus ID and integrated overclocking. It also allows fan control.

BTC Miner

This open source Bitcoins mining software can run on Linux and Windows operating systems. It has been designed for ZTEX USB-FPGA Modules 1.15. This software features a ready-to-use bitstream, which means that there is no need for any Xilinx Software or any license. This is an advantage that BTC Miner has over other Bitcoins mining software in the mining world. The main features include:

  • It comes with ready-to-use Bitstream which means that no Xilinx software is required.
  • It is also provided with dynamic frequency scaling feature.

Diablo Miner

Diablo Miner is a Java GPU Bitcoin miner that makes use of Open CL framework. This Bitcoins mining software supports unlimited pools and also lets you switch to the next pool on connection failure.

RPC Miner

RPC Miner can be used for Mac OS 10.6 or higher and it features integration with Mac OS APIs and systems. It is best for solo and group mining.


Poclbm is python GPU Bitcoin mining software that also uses the OpenCL framework to perform hashing computations in a quick manner. It allows programmers to write codes that will work across a large variety of hardware. This works well with AMD – 4xxx and up and also with Nvidia – 8 xxx and up. This mining software is best for experimentation.

Multi Miner

Multi Miner is a desktop application used for monitoring crypto-coin mining that is available for use on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It simplifies the task of switching individual devices like GPUs, AISCs, and FPGAs. Multi Miner is able to detect mining hardware and it lets you see and choose the coins that you would like to make yours.

The Last Words

These Bitcoins mining software works well for all Bitcoin miners. You should definitely try getting into Bitcoin mining with the help of any of the best mining software listed above.

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