Bitdefender Internet Security 2017

bitdefender internet security 2017

In the modern internet world, there are so many threats and malware, which can affect your system through the websites you visit and your general online activity. To be protected from them, you really need a specialist. And today we are going to review one such specialist, namely the Bitdefender Internet Security 2017.


This security suite is one of the most popular from Bitdefender. As the prime focus of this tool is to protect you from the internet threats and malware and that is what it does best. Though it is not your regular antivirus online security module. It comes in with tons of features which will be making your life easier. We will discuss these features at length as we move on. But before we begin let me tell you that the core antivirus protection being offered is the same quality for all of the company’s antivirus products for home use. And on top of that you get multiple tools which will be helping you to safeguard your system from the internet threats as well.


Super Strong Firewall:

Firewall is the most important line of defence in your system. It will protect the desktop or the lapop from programs downloading any malware on their own and infecting your system. With Bitdefender, you get a pretty solid firewall, which is not easy to penetrate. It will be automatically checking for internet permissions for various programs, and monitoring their activity online. It will shut down any suspicious activity almost immediately protecting your PC or laptop the most from any malware or threats that may come through the internet.


The best part about the firewall from this protection tool is that it is smart. It won’t be asking you about the decisions on specific apps as it will weed out most of the issues. And will only address you with critical permissions. On Auto Pilot Mode you will even forget, that you have a firewall on. By passing the firewall is almost impossible with this one.

Amazing Parental Controls:

The suite is made keeping in mind the modern day family dynamics. If you have kids and you need to monitor their online activity, you need to shield it as well. The parental controls and the features being offered will simply make your life easier than ever. All you need to do is create a profile for your kid, and then monitor their activity on Windows as well on Android. This will prevent them from consuming any inappropriate content on the internet and off it as well.


You can block the access to about 42 types on contents so that they do not see something, which they shouldn’t be. You can also block your child from making any calls with Android Module. Designated sleep times will not allow your child to access the system at certain times. All in all there are many powerful parental controls which come along with the Bitdefender Internet Security and will make your monitoring activities simpler.

Protecting you from Email SPAM:

Nowadays one receives so much spam that managing mail is a headache. But this security tool can do that for you as well. It can link with major email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird etc. And it can also let you to blacklist mails based on various filters and parameters.


The understanding of this software in managing spam is just outstanding. And you will experience it only after you use it. You won’t have any spam email to worry about and the inbox will only be filled with useful and important emails.

File Encryption and Vault:

Nowadays ransomware is a common threat. Where your files are locked away, and you are demanded money if you want the files back. It can be serious situation if not prevented. With this security software you are given an option to keep your files in a secure vault, with encryption options.

So the most important of your files are quite safe from ransomware. Just create a vault and place your important files there. The original source will be shredded and the file will become inaccessible for any hacker or any other person who is not authorized to do so.

Other Features:

Along with the mentioned above, there are many more features which come along the Bitdefender Internet Security suite. There are many features like the Vulnerability scan, which will check for all the shortcomings in your security setup. The power of this scan is determined by the fact that it will even check whether or the Wi-Fi password you have setup is strong enough or not. Also there is a password manager tool known as the Wallet. It will be helping you manage online transactions securely and also managing your passwords efficiently.



So these were some of the major features of Bitdefender Internet Security 2017. In a nutshell, it is not just a regular antivirus, but is a full module which is designed to make your life easier at least. There are many powerful features which are included, which sets it apart from all other antivirus you will find in the same market section. If you have any questions in mind regarding any of the features and how they work you can ask us in the form of comments below. We will be more than happy to help you out.

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