BonkLive Best Free Broadcasting App For Android


BonkLive streaming app is the stupendous app for those who love to chat, follow celebrities and want to be popular as soon as possible. For using the app you should have 18 years of age and then you can start using this tool. This app is not just a social platform but it is a platform where you can earn money along with being social. You can login to BonkLive app with the help of your Facebook account, Instagram account or your phone number. You can broadcast videos and can see the videos which are broadcasted by others.

BonkLive Best Free Broadcasting App For Android
BonkLive Best Free Broadcasting App For Android

About the app

You can see the advertisements of your favourite brands along with connecting with your stars online. You will even get some cash points if you will be following some people on BonkLive. You can even find people who have similar interest as yours. Even you will get to see some overwhelming advertisements by some of the big brands. When you will see some advertisements by them you will also get money for that. You will get one BonkLive debit card and whatever money you will earn will be transferred to that. The card will have all master card facilities which are provided by other banks. You can see any advertisements and you will get some points for sure.

BonkLive Best Free Broadcasting App For Android
BonkLive Best Free Broadcasting App For Android

By broadcasting live videos you can become famous and people will start following you. But remember that if anyone has inappropriately commented and published derogatory content then he will be permanently blocked from BonkLive. Now let us look at some features of the app which will make you famous and will make you earn some points.

BonkLive Best Free Broadcasting App For Android
BonkLive Best Free Broadcasting App For Android

Features of the app

  1. If you are seeing any broadcasting video you will get gold coins and if you want to send some gifts to your friend or relative you can make use of gold coins and buy gift on BonkLive application and send it to your friend.
  2. If you bought some virtual gifts on it then you can buy it in 20% of its original value.
  3. Whatever points you will earn, it will be transferred to your debit card.
  4. If you read a jingle then you can even get diamonds and one diamond is equal to 50$ or you can get gold coins for diamonds.
BonkLive Best Free Broadcasting App For Android
BonkLive Best Free Broadcasting App For Android
  1. You should be Bonkified user then only you can read jingles or watch advertisements.
  2. If you try to play an add during broadcasting you will get diamond for every minute for which you are streaming the app. You can earn many diamonds in a single go. You can then get cash or gold coins in turn of diamonds earned.
  3. It has many levels starting from1 to level number 80. You can even make comments on other’s broadcast.
  4. BonkLive is prepared to release its new version and it will include more gifts and many new things. It is really a new app in which we can socialize and enjoy a lot while earning.


So, now we got to know about the app and its features. It is really a very innovative app which will allow you to broadcast videos and watching the ads while earning some points. You will really enjoy a lot. You will even get a debit card from BonkLive in which your points and cash will be transferred. If you are thinking that if it is genuine or not then don’t have any second thoughts over it. It is hundred and one per cent genuine. Just go for it. All the best!!

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