Difference Between One Plus One and One Plus One 2nd Gen

Difference Between One Plus One and One Plus One 2nd Gen

Difference Between One Plus One and One Plus One 2nd Gen

The former year was a highly delivering one for the Chinese brand “Oneplus”. It was quite a trick to launch Oneplus One in market at such a competitive price, given the smart features that have been installed in this model. Now it’s succeeding model Oneplus One 2nd Gen is launched in the market and as it was expected, it has got a colossal welcome. It has become a subject of routine talk since late 2014 i.e. the time when the rumors of the upcoming release were spread in the market.

Difference Between One Plus One and One Plus One 2nd Gen
Difference Between One Plus One and One Plus One 2nd Gen

Now when the product is finally launched in the market, we can get a better idea on the specifications and the area of distinction between model 1 and model 2.

Difference Between One Plus One and One Plus One 2nd Gen


Well, the former model of Oneplus One was fashioned with 5.5 inch full HD IPS display. It offered pixel density of 401 ppi. Given the fact that the competitors were bringing QHD displays, IPS was a little less for the buyers. But it was overcome by the color accuracy and other features of the mobile. It has Low Temperature PolySilicon LCD panel due to which this model is highly power efficient. Now coming to Oneplus One 2, it was expected to be fashioned with QHD display, given the price but to your surprise, it also has IPS display. But due to the major other add-ons, customers are not so disheartened from the upgrade.

General Dimensions:

Oneplus One comes in the dimensions of 153x76x8.9mm and the build quality is superb. It is available in Silk White and Sandstone Black finish options. Oneplus One 2 comes in the dimensions of 151.8×74.9×9.9mm. Clearly, it is smaller than the former version but it is thicker. Latest model is available in five finishes that will comprise of Bamboo, Kevlar, Rosewood, Black Apricot and Sandstone Black. This model also consists of a central button in the front and fingerprint sensor on the rear. Oneplus One had a feature of “lightening quick”.


The camera has definitely got a bounce towards positive direction. Oneplus One had the rear camera of 13 MP and the front camera of 5 MP. It was a decent performer for daylight photos as well it use to capture great night clicks. In the new model, the camera capabilities have been improvised. Though the improvements are not in terms of shooting up the MP of the rear and front cameras as they remain the same, you can get certain other add-ons such as introduction of advanced OIS system with rear mounted laser technology.

Software and Capabilities:

The performance of the former model was also quite interesting as it had 2.5GHZ quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor. The new model has got 64 bit 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. You don’t have to face any overheating troubles. One plus One has CyanogenMod OS which is very much like Android 4.4.2 with a little distinction. Oneplus One 2 is the first device to run on Oxygen OS that is completely like Android Lollipop. The battery experience will be revised.

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