The Digital Age: Freedom for All

digital age freedom for all

One of the beautiful things about the internet is that it has allowed information to flow at an instantaneous and free rate, one that is unprecedented in the entirety of human history. As you may have observed watching this age unfold, freedom of information seems to equate just too plain freedom at a certain point, as knowledge is power.

digital age freedom for all
digital age freedom for all

The information age has allowed what was once considered private information to be released to the public. The public is surprisingly talented, and uses this information to innovate, adding to the co-collective creation known as the internet, showing us as a whole that competitive business practices are not as effective as cooperative ones.

Leveling the Playing Field

Another thing the internet has brought us is a more level playing field. Because the entire population more or less can access any website and/or business from across the globe, ancient monopoly driven corporations can no longer hoard all the business.

These corporations now have to earnestly be able to perform more efficiently and effectively than competitors in order to stay relevant. It turns out that this is difficult, as there is quite a bit of talent and brilliance out there that are simply beating out corporations because they are better at adapting to change. The internet has leveled the playing field for smaller businesses/establishments/services.


Another great thing about the internet is that it has provided a level of freedom and anonymity that allows people to be more open about their belief systems and activities.

Using the proper and appropriate channels, one can even block their search navigation by using VPNs. These servers can even unblock torrent sites. The internet has shown us the power of the people and the collective, which is why it remains immune to all of the attempts to censor and control it.

Technological Assistance

Part of the reason that society is growing so quickly is because of the rapid advancement of technology. Over a very short period of time, we have seen more innovation than any other point in the history of humanity.

This is partly owed to the assistance that we have received from high technologies like the cell phone and internet. When one really examines this however, they realize that while the technology connecting people is powerful, it is the people themselves, merging and focusing their energy together that creates greatness. The internet has given us a kind of collective consciousness that we can all draw from to make each individual as powerful and knowledgeable as the whole of humanity.

More to Come

As we have discussed and I am sure you have witnessed, new technologies are coming out at a dizzying pace, and they show no signs of slowing. That is why it is important not to be left behind. Keep your eye out for even more remarkable and innovative technologies.

Technology news sites are your friend. They help you stay current on all the latest happenings in the technology industry so you don’t have to miss anything great.

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