Download Bus Simulator 2015 for PC Apk with Bluestacks

Simulation games are slowly and gradually emerging in the market. There are a number of simulation games in the market right now. One such game which has recently been launched is, Bus Simulator 2015. This is not at all like the other simulation games that you’ve played till date. This game promises to make you feel like a real bus driver and do all the tasks that an actual driver does. Bus Simulator 2015 is a game for all the gamers who love simulation games. If you’re a simulation lover, you’d for sure love this game too. The developers of this game have lived up to the promises and this game really makes you feel that you’re a driver, a bus driver to be precise. Be it the graphics, be it the gameplay or be it the controls, everything is very functional in the game. Although the graphics are not the high end ones, but are according to the requirement of the game.

Download Bus Simulator 2015 for PC Apk with Bluestacks
Download Bus Simulator 2015 for PC Apk with Bluestacks

The game can be played in two modes: Free mode and Career Mode. If you’re a GTA lover, free mode will suit you better because you can drive the bus the way you want to, in free mode. You don’t have to worry about the traffic rules or the people in the way. You’ll not have to compulsory drive the bus cleanly or pick and drop the passengers. Also, you can change the weather, unlock busses and do plenty of stuffs in free mode, which you cannot in the Career mode.

Another interesting mode that you’ll be able to playing this game is the Career Mode. In this mode you’ll have to play the role of a good bus driver who drives clean, drops and picks up the passengers where they are supposed to and follow some rules including traffic rules. If you don’t follow the traffic rules and drive rough, you’ll be penalized. So, drive like a good driver and earn money in the game by performing tasks.

Download Bus Simulator 2015 for PC Apk

Bus simulator 2015 is not similar to yandere simulator but its another simulation game after the two simulation hits i.e. goat simulator and surgeon simulator. The game has been recently launched for Android, as well as IOS platforms. But what if you don’t have either of the devices? If you don’t have an Android or an IOS device, you can still play the game on your pc. You can download Bus Simulator 2015 pc apk and play the game.

Download Bus Simulator 2015 for PC Apk with Bluestacks
Download Bus Simulator 2015 for PC Apk with Bluestacks

For playing this excellent simulation game on your pc, you can just Bus simulator 2015 apk download for pc from Google and install it. After you’ve downloaded the apk, install it and enjoy the simulation game and feel like an actual bus driver.

Download Bus Simulator 2015 for PC – Bluestacks

Bus simulator has been launched for android and IOS users and people who didn’t have either of them could not play it. But now, you can easily play this simulation game on your pc. So, you don’t need an Android or an IOS device to play Bus Simulator 2015. So now the question is, how can youdownload Bus Simulator 2015 for pc?

Download Bus Simulator 2015 for PC Apk with Bluestacks
Download Bus Simulator 2015 for PC Apk with Bluestacks

For downloading Bus simulator 2015 for pc, you will have to download an android emulator. An android emulator is something which will let you use all the android applications on your pc without having an Android device. There are plenty of android emulators in the market such as Youwave, Bluestacks, etc. Here we will take an example of Bluestacks and show you how to download Bus simulator 2015 for pc:

  1. Firstly, go to the official website of Bluestacks and download it.
  2. After you’ve downloaded it, double click the downloaded file and install it. The installation process may take some time.
  3. After you’ve downloaded and installed it, open it.
  4. Now, go to Play Store and in the search box search for Bus Simulator 2015.
  5. Now, after you find the app of the game which you want to download, click on install and at last accept it.
  6. Lastly, wait for the game to get be downloaded and after it’s downloaded and installed successfully, open it and enjoy the game.

Bus simulator 2015 has some above average graphics and simple controls. The trees and houses on the road looks a bit dull and but are quite realistic. The controls are quite easy and can be mastered by playing it just couple of times. There is a steering wheel, a brake and an accelerator on the screen. The brake and the accelerator can be seed by just pressing them. You also have 2 alternatives for steering wheel; 1. Arrow keys 2. Tilt control. So, if you are not comfortable with the steering wheel, you can change it to arrow keys or tilt control.

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