EaseUS the Best Data Recovery Wizard Free

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

EaseUS the Best Data Recovery Wizard Free: We all have some form of data stored on a hard drive, flash drive or even the SD card. The data might come in the form of music, movies, and even documents. One thing is for sure that losing this data is enough to make you feel hopeless. Not only that, the process of losing your files is final.

However, there is a game changer in the game of free data recovery software; the EaseUS free data recovery software. What most people find astounding is that there is actually real software that recovers data. Moreover, a software that works and isn’t a scam or a money-making scheme.

This article will show the features of the free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free in relation to hard drive recovery. By the end of it, you should not only know how to use this software, but also its features.

How this program Works



Before you can begin using this program you will have to install and launch it on your computer. The process is relatively simple, by first downloading the setup on the official website. Once that is done just follow the simple installation guide of dialogue boxes. As well as the cautionary message not to set it up in a partition of the hard drive.

The great news about this is that there is a new version of the business. The 12.0 Has new features like viewing your files beforehand. You also have a Quick Scan option, recovering videos with higher quality, and some improvements in its interface.

Deep Scan


The options for scanning can be the Quick Scan or the Deep Scan when you want to recover any deleted files. The faster option as good as it can be if you want the data immediately might not be completely effective. However, the deep scan comes later and if any type of data was not found by the first option, then it will be recovered here.

This software is great, if not the best, for hard drive recovery.

View the Files you want Recovered


This is a fairly easy step as it only requires that you choose what you want to be recovered and what you will leave behind. The reason for this is that the whole thing comes in a format of a list. It will be best to begin by recovering exactly what you require at that moment.

In addition to this, it allows you to look for certain files based on the criteria of the named file. Then thereafter move them to wherever you want them to be stored making sure it’s a new location.

Designed for All

When it comes to Date recovery, there is no discrimination as it can be due to deleting, malware, viruses, and even write protection. The hard drive can go through all these unfortunate instances. Thus EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free comes free for all operating systems, and all types of devices that have a hard drive.


The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard comes Free for the first 2GB whereas anymore and you will be required to upgrade to the full version for almost $70. However, one thing is for sure, and that is that this is the answer for you.

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