Five Essential Apps To Run Your StartUp

Five essential apps to run your startup


Five Essential Apps To Run Your StartUp

Five essential apps to run your startupphoto credit: via photopin (license)

In 2015 581,000 start-up businesses were launched in the UK alone. That figure is set to rise again in 2016, with 25% of adults aspiring to start their own business this year. But running a start-up isn’t cheap, sometimes the cost to get going is enough to scare an entrepreneur off. But thanks to today’s modern

technology there are a plethora of apps out there to make the process a walk in the park – the problem is picking the right one.

We’ve hand-picked our favourites to give you a starting point! Let us know which ones worked for you.

Five Essential Apps To Run Your StartUp

For Team Communication: Slack

Five essential apps to run your startup

Five essential apps to run your startup

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Slack is an excellent communication tool for teams of all sizes. Their aim is to make you less busy, simplifying team communication by bringing it all together in one place. Their

real-time messaging is perfect for the modern, tech-savvy start-up team. Within the app you can setup a number of channels, whether that’s by project, topic or team, making each stream easy to see. Files can be shared with ease and are easy to find should you need to revisit that all important presentation using the apps search function.

For Organisation: Trello

Trello is based on what could be the oldest organisational trick in the book – list-making. Everyone does it, whether you’re running a business or a busy mum, and lists are often essential in our day-to-day life to ensure jobs are completed. From keeping track of the big picture, right down to the minute details, Trello’s flexible pinboard-style allows you to set up different projects or tasks with a list of the items needed within each board. It’s collaborative and team members can be added to selected boards if there are several people running a project, and their mobile app means you can be kept up-to-date wherever you go.
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For Document Storage: Dropbox


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Flexibility is essential in start-ups and small businesses. With over four million employees estimated to primarily work from home, being able to access company documents from any device anywhere in the world is vital. Dropbox makes your documents accessible via an app or their website, with a free basic package it’s worth trialling this app to get you started.

For Managing the Money: Xero

Five Essential Apps To Run Your Start-Up 2
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Online accounting is the biggest development in accounting for small businesses in years, leading the revolution is Xero. If you’ve not heard of Xero accounting before it’s an online accounting platform designed to simplify your book keeping process. From easy invoices, which mean you get paid quicker, to simple expense claims Xero has been making huge improvements in efficiencies for start-ups and established businesses, and their mobile app means you can keep an eye on your business finances whenever and wherever you like – essential for a new business.

For Getting Paid: Square

Five Essential Apps To Run Your Start-Up

Square is a free point of sale software, setting you up to be able to easily accept card payments. It can run on your smartphone or tablet, whether that be on your shop counter or on the move and you’ll receive a free card reader.

Five essential apps to run your startup

By using these apps you can easily make your startup on the better track and  can do difficult task in easy way through these startup apps. If you like this article , So please make share on your social profile. Thanks for reading…..

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