FotoJet: Free Image Design Tool For Social Media And Web

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Are you looking for an app to create a photo collage? Would you like to impress all your social media and web contacts? You will find an effective and easy way from this post.

Bloggers and webmasters often use powerful tools (Photoshop and the like) to create impressive images for their headlines. They need to use images for blog posts, social media pages, news releases, and newsletters. These images must be elegant and practical, able to communicate and to be recognized.

FotoJet: Free Image Design Tool For Social Media And Web

Here’s the fact that every social platform has dimensions of non-standardized images: Twitter’s header has certain dimensions, while Facebook and Google+ have others, and so on. In the face of such problems, we are assisted by image converters or websites for automatic resizing. Converts, ConvertMyImage and PicMonkey are just a few examples of this kind of tools that can be found online and can be used for free.

While creating images for different social media not only means creating images of different sizes but with different fonts and different colors. It’s not just a matter of size. If you are not a graphic designer, it is almost impossible to create and use ad hoc images daily and effortlessly. There is a need for reliable tools that can not only resize images, but also modify them, and even find predefined samples with free usage licenses.

Here is where FotoJet arrives, the brand new online image tool dedicated specifically to multimedia platforms such as social media, blogs, and dynamic sites. Similar to Canva, but without too much limitations in the free usable version. Thanks to its immediate ease of use and gorgeous templates already ready for different web and social media platforms, anyone can design like a Pro in a short time and with amazing results.
Mac OS:Users:gwh:Documents:web:images:tutorial:design:design_templates.jpg

You can design posters, flyers, Facebook covers, banners for YouTube channels, Twitter headers, and so on easily with FotoJet’s pre-set templates. All models in FotoJet are specially designed to offer non-designers the ability to create excellent and effective images in just a few seconds and with just a few clicks. There are a large number of beautiful pre-packaged images and text styles ready to be used or edited. Even you don’t have any advanced skill, you will get a fantastic result in FotoJet designer.

The FotoJet editor allows you to crop, resize, and perform some other essential options to change the size, angle, exposure, and color of the photo. In addition to the basic features, there are advanced options that can help the user get smarter to focus or highlight particular details of their photographs. Likewise, FotoJet offers a multitude of effects, overlays, and frames to turn common photos into wonderful artwork.

FotoJet also has a collage making tool. You will find a myriad of preset collage templates, in creative, classic, modern, 3D or fun style. It gives everyone the opportunity to tell their stories creatively with a unique collage.

FotoJet Designer
FotoJet Designer

In short, in order to obtain splendid results and careful designs, it is no longer necessary time and money to invest, it is sufficient to give a chance to new generation tools such as the FotoJet online image design tool.

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