Free Code Generators and Referral Spam Websites – A unknown connection: Free Code Generators – a phenomenon that is probably as old as the internet, or at least so it seems.

Entering keywords like “free” and “code” will give you almost an indefinite amount of spam and scam sites that use the “generator” trick. Nowadays you will even find them on the Google Play- and Apple App Store.

Free Code Generators and Referral Spam Websites - A unknown connection.
Free Code Generators and Referral Spam Websites – A unknown connection.

There are only a few other sites that will offer you “free” codes or gift cards. If you assume that they also will not work- you are a hundred percent correct. Say hello to Referral Spam websites.

Referral Spam websites?

These websites are one-page-sites that display half of a code, for example, a psn code, and tell you that you can “get” the other half if you refer maybe 5 or 10 people. The website gives you for this particular task a so-called “referral link“.

So if you copy the link and paste it somewhere else on the internet and some random user clicks on it, the website will notice it and will give you credit for referring the user. But does this work for the referral spam sites?

Most of them will give you the impression that it actually works – at least the referral counter. But once you reach the 5/5 referred users or 10/10 or whatever they want – you will get nothing in return. You have just wasted your time.

This is the moment where a question has to be asked…

…what exactly is the profit for the spammer?

1. Some of these sites contain ads. So more users- more ad revenue. That is…simple.

2. Now it gets interesting. Most of the referral websites are in fact websites that will become later on generator sites. They are just in a preparation phase.

How do we know that?

We have talked to a former scammer that had made it with his generator site under the top 100.000 Alexa rank.

According to him, they create multiple referral spam websites. These websites are then left alone and generate traffic and links only with the “promise” of a free code and the referrals.

So in short- the sites are getting links and organic users. That is, for Google, a sign of a good website and will give it some “power”.

Once the developers decide that the website has grown enough – they will turn it into a free code generator, for example- a free PSN code generator. And a free PSN code generator is something different than a site that says- please refer X-people to get your free PSN code. Now it says- please verify that you are human by doing this (fake) survey.

The first version of the website will just steal your time but the second wants to get real money, yours.


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