We like free stuff, everyone loved to get freebies. Am I right?

You can use free web hosting to learn about web servers, technical stuff, and blogging procedure as well. But keep in mind there are few risk that you might face when it comes to free WordPress hosting. You can use it to learn WordPress, other CMS, scripts and also how to manage your hosting server. There are many free web hosts to sign up and get hosting.

free wordpress web hosting
Free WordPress Web Hosting

Few free hosting providers allow you installing almost any major CMS and script including Drupal, Magento, Joomla, and WordPress, etc. Here keep in mind that they allow very limited storage and bandwidth.

Let’s discuss if it’s worth your attention or not.

Why Free Web Hosting is Good?

1. You don’t have to pay a single penny to create a website and most of us especially newbies don’t want to pay money for the practicing purpose. So, starters can use it to learn how to start a blog and how things work. It is also a good option for users having no money to get start.

2. The users who are out of money can use free hosting to create a blog, drive some traffic and make money. After getting traffic and making money they can use that money to buy premium web hosting. So, no one excuse for not having resources.

3. Free hosting also can be used to upload and store your files as well as web data. Let’s say, you want to upload images or software, you can use a free host. But, almost all the host limits a specific amount of storage per file.

4. It is the best option to build test website where users can install new plugins and themes to check new stuff.

5. Developers can use free storage to check if their latest coding works well with other software or conflict with any. In other words, you can say “staging WordPress”.

6. Webmasters can store their blog post images to minimize HTTP requests thus improve site loading speed.

Why Free Hosting is not Good?

Now let’s discuss why it’s not good and recommend for serious use.

1. Free web host can suspend your account without any notice as soon as they notice the huge surge in traffic.

2. You cannot manage heavy traffic or sites getting too much visitors per day or you might end up losing your website and its content.

3. Websites hosted a free web hosting may take too much time to load. Slow sites mean lower ranking in search engines result pages because Google loves fast loading sites.

4. Some free hosting provider adds their advertisement codes to make money and the surprising thing is you cannot even remove these codes.

5. If you mistakenly break any term of use, the web host will shut down your website and suspend your account. And the worst thing is, you might lose all of your site content.

6. In online, no one can predict when he/she will hit with traffic surge. In rear cases, sometimes one of your articles got viral and got sudden traffic. That unexpected traffic can push your account in danger/suspending zone by your web host.

So, Is it Worth Using?

Well, yes and no in different circumstances.

If you’re going to start a blog and learn blogging as well as technical stuff then yes. Go ahead and sign up for any free company. But if you are serious about blogging or planning to start an online business then don’t ever use free web hosting. Otherwise, you might end up with nothing but wasting your time.


It can destroy all of your years of work, online reputation as well branding. Who wants to lose their credibility in online or offline business? We put hours of work to gain customers trust and loyalty. So, please don’t ever go with the free option and always try to choose a trusted, reputed and best WordPress host to manage your website.


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