Great Advantages of a Reliable Phone History Tracker for Business Owners


Great Advantages of a Reliable Phone History Tracker for Business Owners

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How to choose a perfect SMS tracker to monitor employees

Many business owners consider an option to eliminate workplace distractions for their employees by installing a reliable SMS tracker app.

Benefits of using a reliable SMS tracker

Many businessmen might be upset by the fact that their staff members would use mobile devices given to them for business purposes for wasting precious time at workplace. Recent studies revealed that the average employee spends 12% of the working hours using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Many employees would spend much time on checking and sending personal emails, making personal phone calls, sending text messages, doing online shopping, and playing online games. In general, about 65 hours per month are not used productively.

What should a business owner do to prevent his employees from wasting working time, and to increase productivity at the workplace? The answer is simple: you can install SMS tracker on your staff’s mobile devices. Then you will be able to monitor phone history of your employees more effectively and check online how they use their working hours. The process is very easy: you have to create a personal account on your provider’s website and provide an email and a password to protect it. The next step is to download and install the SMS tracking software on the mobile device you want to monitor.

Compatibility and the essential features

Compatibility is a very important issue. The history tracker app can operate successfully with mobile devices on Android, Windows PC, and Mac Computer. Before making the final decision to install the software double-check if it is compatible with the target phone to ensure that it will work flawlessly.

All information gathered from the target device will be stored on your personal account, so before you start using the SMS tracker, make sure that this information is protected by the Privacy Policy and won’t be disclosed. You can use any desktop or mobile device to get access to the information on your personal account and do it any time you wish.

With SMS tracking software from a reliable provider you can do the following:

  • Monitor the text messages that were sent or received by the user
  • See messages received and sent by WhatsApp, Facebook, and Viber
  • View phone calls information and get access to phone book
  • Track phone history and see how often the cell phone user visited some specific websites
  • Track location of the target cell phone
  • Receive a notification every time a mobile device user changes the SIM card
  • Operate in the invisible mode so the user will never know that the software was installed on his device
  • Track up to 5 devices simultaneously

Customer support

You will understand better how the app works if you read the information provided in FAQ section of the provider’s website. You will also find here handy installation guides, removal instructions, and some easy tips and tricks on how you can use the SMS tracking software in a better way. You can also send a request to a customer support team who will gladly answer all your questions.

Pricing and refund policies

The prices for this service are quite affordable, and you can even save up to 60% per device if you pay for a year. There are different packages: for personal use and for family and business. There is a free trial period that lasts for 7 days. You can also use the refund option on Hoverwatch site: within 7 days you can contact customer support and claim to return your money back.

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