Hoverwatch: Ensure Your Child’s Safety with This Mobile Spy App

Hoverwatch: Ensure Your Child’s Safety with This Mobile Spy App

You can never take the safety and security of your loved ones for granted. In this age of social networking and messaging apps, a simple Android device not only allows your kids to reach out to the world, but it also puts their safety at risk. You cannot monitor them all times. It is also indecent to peek into their smartphone or tablet. However, there is still a way to know what they are doing on their phones and where they are (location), using an easy-to-use snapchat spy app. Hoverwatch is an Android app that works as your safe and discreet mobile tracker.

Hoverwatch: Ensure Your Child’s Safety with This Mobile Spy App
Hoverwatch: Ensure Your Child’s Safety with This Mobile Spy App


Hoverwatch: Ensure Your Child’s Safety with This Mobile Spy App

Uses of Hoverwatch

Does your kid spend time on Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype, Telegram or any other social networking or messaging app? You can view what they are doing using Hoverwatch.

Do you want to know whom your child speaks to on their phone throughout the day? You can do it with this program.

Do you want to check the websites they access on their smartphone or tablet? This app provides you the details.

You can check their phone’s contacts list, SMS messages, call history and even get audio recordings of calls. This app also allows you to track the phone’s camera and location. So you can also know the exact location of your child at any given moment, based on the device’s GPS location.

It has all the features required to help you keep an eye on your child’s phone activities.

So how does this Hoverwatch work?

Once you install this snapchat spy app on your child’s Android phone or tablet, they will never know that they are being tracked. The key features of the app are as following:

  • Track Social Media & Chatting Activities: Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Viber are the in-trend apps for kids. This mobile phone tracker allows you to keep track of all the messages sent and received by your child on their phone. You can also save the attached files including images, audio files and video files.
  • Check Calls & SMS: Children usually have a small network of friends and relatives whom they call. With Hoverwatch, you can keep track of all their calls and identify any strange calls. Besides, the app can also provide you details of all SMS and MMS messages being sent or received on the phone. At the same time, you could also record voice calls and save message attachments.
  • Track Your Child’s Location: If your child is going out to play with friends, you would want to ensure that they are safe. Hoverwatch is also a GPS mobile tracker that allows you to view your child’s location.

And you can keep track of all these activities while being completely invisible. Your child can never detect the snapchat spy app on their device.

Ease of Installation & Use

You don’t need any advanced skills or knowledge to install Hoverwatch. Just use your email to create an account and download the app on your child’s device. You can then keep track of the phone’s activities by signing into Hoverwatch’s website using your account details. The simple interface provides you all the details at one place.

This snapchat spy app is already used and trusted by over a million people. Besides parents keeping track of their children’s phones, many people use Hoverwatch to track their employee or spouse’s phone activities. The simplicity of this app has made it widely popular. It is just the perfect app to know what your child is doing with their phone or where they are located. If you want to ensure your child’s safety, this is the ideal app to choose.

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