How to Download YouTube Playlist Easily

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Watching a YouTube video? Do you like it? Finding it hard to download it? Yes, of course! There are much more people like you who have the same trouble when it comes to downloading a video/playlist from YouTube. There is no option to download the complete playlist or any other media on this big website. Still, there are a number of ways to download your favourite playlist/video from YouTube without any hassle. allows you to save your favourite playlists on your system. Let us learn more about it. Airy is an alternative solution for Mac users to get YouTube playlists. It allows to download video playlists and also extract only audio. There are several alternatives available in the market. And one of the software which worked perfectly for me is Free YouTube Download. Read detailed article on YouTube playlist downloader.

About 4K Download

Owned by Open Media LLC, 4KDownload comes to your rescue by removing the artificial limitations and restrictions enforced by different online services. It helps you to download the content from various video platforms including YouTube. Not only this, it allows you to backup the Instagram photos, creates and share beautiful slideshows, and convert the video to MP3 format. It is an all in one solution for video marketers and the people looking to store their favorite videos.

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Why Choose 4K Download for Downloading YouTube Playlists?

4KDownload is one of the safest and easiest platforms top download videos from the web. There are a number of reasons to choose this tool for downloading the content from YouTube or any other similar websites.

  • Download Videos from Different Platforms: It allows you downloading videos not only from YouTube but from different video sharing platforms. You can even convert those videos to MP3 and create slideshows using this tool.
  • Privacy & Security: 4K Download ensures that the videos are downloaded using a secure encrypted connection. Moreover, it doesn’t collect any personal data of the user.
  • Multi-Platform Oriented: Its apps can run on Linux, Mac, and Windows smoothly. You will enjoy a similar user experience on all three platforms.
  • Multi-Lingual Support: It supports 13 different languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Portuguese, and few others.
  • Membership: It is the member of Apple Mac Developer Program and Microsoft® BizSpark™ and has Symantec™ has passed the 3rd-party authentication to it for code signing.

How to Download YouTube Playlist Using 4K Download?

If you are willing to download your favorite YouTube playlist/video, you can follow the guide below for the same and save the entire playlist on your device.

  • First of all, download and install 4K Video Downloader on your device (Here, I have downloaded it on my Windows7 PC).

  • Now, open up the YouTube playlist which you want to download.


  • Copy the URL of the playlist from your browser. Press ‘Paste Link’ button on the tool interface.


  • It will auto detect the link.
4k video downloader
4k Video Downloader
  • Now click on ‘Download Playlist’ option and wait for the tool to get the information from the playlist.
youtube playlist downloader
YouTube Playlist Downloader
  • It will start parsing the playlist and reading its contents.
How to Download YouTube Playlist Easily?
How to Download YouTube Playlist Easily
  • Now, the entire playlist is ready to be downloaded. You can choose the resolution in which you wish the videos to be downloaded.
How to Download YouTube Playlist Easily?
How to Download YouTube Playlist Easily
  • Click on ‘Download’ button to proceed with the download.

The download will take some time as you are downloading a big playlist in 4K quality. Wait for the download to finish. Once the playlist is downloaded, you can watch the videos anytime on your device.

The Bottom Line

Downloading the YouTube playlist/videos was always a big hassle. But with the coming up of this useful software, it has become really easy to download your favorite playlist from YouTube in just a few clicks. All you have to do is install the compatible version of this software on your device and choose the playlist you wish to download. In just a few clicks, your favorite playlist will be downloaded on your device.

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