2 Ways Hack Wifi Passwords With Ease

Internet connection is a basic need in our advanced modern lives. Wireless and wired networks have been used so as for make use of Internet in a suitable way. Wireless networks have mostly used at workplaces for home-based works and business. Usage of a wireless network is robust, but it is not highly secured also. Wireless networks can be hacked easily when compared to wired networks. Many Hacking tools, Wifi Hacker Apps, software and techniques have been used to crack a high secured Wi-Fi Network.

Top 10 Best Operating System for HackingHacking wifi passwords in 2 minutes is not a difficult task. Any non-technical person who only knows how to operate PC, Android or iPhone can crack/hack wifi passwords less then or within 2 minutes. Many people who serve much internet are very much interest in hacking the Wi-Fi networks, but it may not be for illegal activities. So, now there is no need to ask free Wi-fi to others and no need to search how to crack Wi-Fi password online tutorials anymore because we are here with two ways to hack a secured Wi-Fi Passwords.

First: Using Kali Linux

Kali Linux is probably best known for its ability to hack or penetration text, WPA and WPA2 networks. Many Windows applications claim that they can hack Wi-Fi Networks, They are just scams, don’t get them, they are used by professional hackers, to wannabe or to lure newbie hackers into getting hacked themselves. One way Linux-based OS, a wireless card capable of monitor mode, and aircrack-ng or similar that hackers used to get into your network. Careful, Wi-Fi cracking is not or beginners with these tools. It recommends basic knowledge of how WPA authentication works and moderate familiarity with Kali Linux and its tools. If you think you have that necessary skills, Let’s Start.

These are things that you’ll need:

1.) Successful installation of Kali Linux.

2.) A wireless adapter capable of monitor/injection mode

3.) A wordlist that attempts to Hack the password once it has been captured

4.) Patients and Time

Wireless Device can be hacked using Wifiphisher

Step1: – Download Wifiphisher file

Step2: – Navigate to the Directory

Wifiphisher created a directory, navigate to that when it was unpacked

Step3: – Run Wifiphisher.py script using command

sudo python wifiphisher.py

Step4: – The command requires an additional file to run script, allow to download that file

Step5: – Now disconnect both the wifi from the internet and rerun script using the same command

sudo python wifiphisher.py

Step6: – Now send attack and get the password.

How to Crack WPA/WPA2 Protected Wi-Fi Using aircrack-ng

Step1: – put your wireless card in injection or monitoring mode

step2: – Command

airodump-ng monO

is used to listen to the wireless network nearby you and get details about all networks

Step3:- filtering on a BSSID (–bssid 11:22:33:44:55:66 ), Sniff on channel 6 (-c 3), using the monitor mode interface (mon0):, writing the capture to disk (-w capture),

airodump-ng –w File name of packet –c Target channel no –bssid BSSID of target name mon0

Step4:- Using the provided wordlist (-w /user/share/wordlists/nmap.lst), attempt to crack passwords in the capture file

aircrack-ng -w wordlist.list -b 00:11:22:33:44:55 MTNL.cap

Second: Using Android Apps

Now let’s see how to crack wifi password on your Android device, WEP, WPA and wpa2 security networks from Android device without root. To get knowledge about how to crack a wifi from Android, you do not need to have basic knowledge about network security; Wifi Hacker apps although do not use these applications.

Three necessary steps to hack a wifi password

1. First, identify your internet service provider

2. Choose the best app for your internet service provider

3. Download some of the best wifi hacker apps or try the two mentioned below.

Here we are explaining two best Android apps that will help you to hack wifi passwords


AndroDumper is new Wifi Hacker app, and it works very well, and it is different from all because this app attacks the WPS protocol like wifislax. AndroDumpper is available on play store.


It is very effective wifi password hacker Android app for one simple reason; you have to root your device to hack the WPS password. It’s not an elementary application that has a database with default wifi passwords; whenever the router has enabled the WPS, WPS WPA tester app finds the wps pin.

WPS pin is calculated using various algorithms

• TrendNet

• Dlink

• Zhao

• Aris

How to Hack Wifi Passwords with Kali Linux and Android Apps

These are the ways you can perform the hack. I hope you like this post, Don’t forget to share this post.

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