How to install SSL Certificate in WordPress

How to install SSL Certificate in WordPress

Do you want to install SSL on your site but without knowing benefits of installing SSL certificate? How to install SSL Certificate in WordPress and secure your site.

How to install SSL Certificate in WordPress
How to install SSL Certificate in WordPress

How to install SSL Certificate in WordPress

SSL is important in business to increase the protection and trust for user and search engine too. Yes, that’s true. Search engines have taken user privacy protection as ranking factor since 2014. So optimising your site for better ranking and privacy of customer will result in the increase in sale.

This is not only the benefit of implementing SSL on your site. Here are the following benefits which will describe and clear your doubt about why you must install SSL In WordPress.

Benefits of Installing an SSL Certificate

Google search ranking boost

Starting from 06/08/2014, Google announced that having an SSL certificate installed on your website will increase your ranking position, which is another great reason to use SSL.


Browsers increasing their alerts for non-secure sites As of January 2017, Google is now providing security warnings in Chrome for users if no valid SSL certificate is found on pages with sensitive information requested. Firefox and other browsers are following suit, and Google has already sent out a proposal for all web browsers (‘user agents’) to begin marking websites on HTTP only as ‘non-secure’.



SSL does not only help in securing your customers but it plus helps in keeping your site protected. SSL is a proof that the server is safe. Customers atmosphere fasten by knowing that you are safe and that your site is affix and definite. You are protected, so your b2b transactions are moreover safe, having SSL qualified.

When do I NEED to have an SSL certificate?

Although not currently the law, safe guarding your visitors’ sensitive information falls under many local data protections acts. If your website processes credit card or any other sensitive information, it would be absolutely necessary to use an SSL certificate to encrypt this kind of transaction.


How to install SSL Certificate in WordPress


As you have got why you must install SSL certificate in WordPress. So let’s proceed with the further step.

So there are two ways to get SSL. First is free SSL and another one is paid SSL. So if you want to install free SSL in WordPress. Then you have to follow the following steps to install SSL in WordPress.

  • Create the account on CloudFlare or if you have already then log in.
  • Click on Add Site and click on begin scan.
  • Let the process happen and copy the nameservers.
  • Login to your domain registrar and change DNS and paste the copied nameservers.
  • Click on save.
  • Now in CloudFlare click on the domain and under domain summary change SSL to flexible.
  • Login to your WordPress blog/site. And install this really simple plugin.
  • This plugin will detect and apply SSL to your site.

By following these steps you can install SSL to WordPress site for free. But let me tell you free SSL is not that much secure. I will suggest you go with paid SSL.

SSL2Buy : Geotrust WildCard SSL

GeoTrust Wildcard SSL true business SSL is an ideal solution to secure all your sub domains with a single certificate. You do not need a separate SSL certificate and/or dedicated IP address to protect your multiple sub domains.
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard SSL allows you to protect all your host-names on all your servers with just one easy-to-manage certificate.

This is a very inexpensive and convenient SSL certificate that can easily show your stakeholders, business partners, customers and even employees that you are serious about your security.

With a $1.25M USD warranty, people who use your site and services will be able to see the GeoTrust True Site Seal. They’ll be assured of your site’s security and trustworthiness.

You can also apply this to an unlimited number of servers and enjoy the other advanced features cheap prices, free certificate re-issuance, unlimited server licenses, etc.


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