How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from SD Card/ Pen Drive

How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from SD Card Pen Drive
How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from SD Card Pen Drive

SD cards are commonly used in smartphones and cameras to store precious images and videos. The same goes for pen drives which are great for saving a limited number of files or for transferring data from one computer to another, etc. However, these storage devices are prone to all kinds of risks that can damage the data. These include:

Virus Attacks

There are all kinds of malicious viruses and malware on the Internet that you accidentally download on your smartphone and infect the data stored on the SD card. Similarly, when using a pen drive on a public computer, you risk infecting the same with a virus if the computer itself is infected.

Physical Damage

A physical impact or liquid damage can easily harm the data stored on an SD card or pen drive.

Power Failure in the Middle of a Data Transfer

If you are transferring data from your SD card to your phone’s memory, or from a pen drive to a computer, and the process is interrupted because of power failure or abrupt removal of the storage media, then it can corrupt the data or make the device “undetectable”.

Accidental Deletion

Using an unfamiliar app/software or changing the storage settings of your phone/PC can often result in the accidental deletion of the personal files from the storage device.

If the data on your SD card/pen drive is corrupted or accidentally deleted, then you will be happy to know that recovery is still possible. However, before you try the recovery methods, be sure to avoid using the SD card/pen drive as there is a risk of data overwriting.

There are two primary methods to recover deleted photos and videos from SD card/pen drive which are:

How to recover data from SD Card/Pen Drive

Method 1 – Software Solution

Advanced SD Card recovery and Flash Drive recovery programs are designed to recover data from an SD card or pen drive even if it’s wiped clean. This is because, in truth, the files aren’t deleted from the device until you store new data on it. To be more precise, even though you can’t see the files on the SD card/pen drive, the space that’s created on the memory sectors can be used as a base for data recovery.

Stellar Photo Recovery software, for instance, is a safe and reliable data recovery software that can recover the lost files in situations involving data corruption, files deletion, virus attacks, etc. That said, this method, as promising it can be, may not work in all cases. This is because if the mobile/camera manages the free memory in a way that it doesn’t allow for recovery post files deletion, then the only viable option is the service method for which you need to contact a data recovery expert.

Method 2 – Professional SD Card Recovery Service

A service method is a nearly sure-shot way to get your lost data back. This is because, in this, the storage device is analysed by data recovery experts who have cutting edge technology and specialised tools to ensure data recovery at minimum risk.

Stellar data recovery is one of the most reputed SD Card recovery service providers to offer 100% data recovery service not just for SD cards and pen drives, but also many other storage media devices including internal/external hard drives, SSDs, laptops, RAID servers, etc.

The following are some of the main USP’s of Stellar Data Recovery:

  • ISO 9001:2015-QMS & ISO 27001:2013-ISMS Certification
  • 2+ Million satisfied customers across the globe
  • Free media pickup and drop facility for convenience
  • 100% safe and secure service
  • 15 Branches across India
  • No Recovery – No Charge policy*

The data recovery experts at Stellar are experienced in handling all kinds of damaged/corrupted SD Card and other storage media devices. Since pen drives and SD cards have extremely delicate circuitry due to their small size, it requires a certain level of skill to recover data from the same without causing any harm to the data itself. However, Stellar chooses its team wisely which allows it to guarantee 100% data recovery for its video and photo recovery services from all kind of memory SD cards such as SDHC, SDSC, SDXC, SDIO, Mini SD, Micro SD, MMC, CF, XD, cell phone memory card, Compact memory cards etc.

For more information about Stellar data recovery services visit their official website or dial their toll free number 1800-102-3232


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