How to use the dark web?

How to use the dark web

Internet itself is a mystery and we try to solve it, another mystery opens up. It is the hidden part of the internet which is away from the reach of billions of users. We can only see and browse 4% of the internet. The remaining 96% part of it is the deep web. And if we divide deep web further then the dark web emerges out of it. The dark web is the shameful part of deep web which is the hub to a number of criminal activities. Most of the malicious activities operate through the dark web. The users accessing dark web sites must stay safe and go through our guide on how to use the dark web safely.

How to use the dark web?

How to use the dark web
How to use the dark web

Things Found on the Dark Web

Before you learn how to use the dark web safely, you should know about the things that are found on the dark web.


Yes, you have heard it right. You can easily find the weapons on the dark web. The deadly weapons like revolvers, AK-47, machine guns, and many other weapons can be easily purchased from the dark web. No, you cannot get the licensed weapons from here, but yes, someone can create a fake weapon license for you for some extra money.

Government Secrets

If you strongly believe that everything that is running in your country’s government is a conspiracy theory then dark web is the place from where you can find the ugliest secrets about the government and government officials that might be deleted from the internet. But the deep web has everything recorded.

Credit Cards

You can find the credit card details of different people on the dark web and shop your favorite items from their credit cards. You need to cleverly use the credit cards so that you are not caught.


Now you will say that the porn can be found on just any website on the internet, but dark web stores the live cams and webcam shows of nude girls. There are different channels where the live cams are broadcasted either for a little fee or for free.


Yes, you can also find the killers and the murderers from the dark web. You just need to hire them, pay a little advance and send them the photo of the person you wish to kill. Your job will be done.

Human Experimentation

One of the most fucking stuff that is mentioned in our guide on how to use the deep web is also the worst part of the deep web. You can see live torture, not only on the animals, but also on the human beings. There are people who experiment different things on real human beings and play with their body parts.


So, get some weed too from here. It is the place from where you can find different types of drugs. Silk Road 3.0 is the popular drug store on the dark web to buy drugs. Here, the drug dealers are very discreet in the packing and delivery of the things.

How to use the Dark Web?

Dark web is a dangerous place to be on without any added protection to your computer system. You need to stay safe while accessing the dark web as you are also at the risk of leaking the information to the spies present here. Here are some tips on how to use the dark web.

Use the Tor Browser

Using the Tor browser is one of the best ways to stay protected while accessing the dark web. It comes up with pre-configured browser settings to help you in maintaining the complete anonymity while browsing the dark web. Make sure you have turned off the JavaScript to prevent the websites run background programs on your system.


If you don’t trust Tor browser anymore then you can use best VPN Service to hide your identity while browsing through the deep web. The VPN will mask your IP address and will provide you a random IP address of country of your choice. You can then browse across the dark web without a fear of getting caught by any internet spy or government agency.

Do Not Use Your Credit Card for making the Payments

It is highly recommended to avoid the use of your own credit cards on the dark web. First of all, you should only visit the websites that have secure payment mechanisms. The website should be using the Escrow services for making the payments. The payments done through these services are totally safe.

Turn off Microphone and Put Black Tape on Webcam

You should turn off your microphone as soon as you get into the dark web. Your voice might get recorded and you can fall into the trouble. Moreover, you must turn off the webcam and paste the black tape on it if you are using the laptop. You can be recorded without your consent. So, take care.

The Bottom Line

So, these were some of the ways on how to use the dark web and stay totally safe while accessing it. Dark web is a dangerous place to be at and you must not fall into the trap of luring offers. Avoid visiting the website that appears to be fishy. Follow above tactics to stay totally safe while accessing the dark web.

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