Microsoft Cortana for Android

Hello friends, Today i will show you how to install Microsoft CORTANA on your Android devices.The person who knows about cortana and already introduced with it is good for them, and those who doesn’t know about cortana this is for you.

Microsoft Cortana For Android
Microsoft Cortana For Android

Microsoft Cortana For Android


Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant created by Microsoft. It is designed for Windows platform  in january 2015 Microsoft announces cortana for there latest operating system Windows 10, and then now in july 2015 Microsoft releases a beta version for Android platform . Cortana works by the commands, As i say that it is intelligent personal assistant it is like a small version of Jarvis from the iron man movie. There is other intelligent personal assistant also like siri from apple but Microsoft Cortana has an upgade it has too many features than siri.

Microsoft Cortana For Android Free Download
Microsoft Cortana For Android Free Download

Features of CORTANA

Cortana has so many intresting features. You just give the commands and it gives u the result what u want, Cortana recognise the natural voice it works with voice commands and typing commands both. you can ask anything to Cortana like to search something, to set a reminder, to make a note, to know about something and many more just start it by saying “Hey cortana”. Give it a try you definately like it.

Download Microsoft Cortana

As you have all about the cortana. Now here is the link to download cortana for your android device

microsoft cortana app for android free

Microsoft Cortana For Android


NOTE:- This is a beta version of cortana official version launches soon.


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