Ladies, Check Out These Awesome Fitness Apps!

Ladies, Check Out These Awesome Fitness Apps

Health and fitness are paramount objectives in our day-to-day lives. However, due to tight and busy work schedules, many people, especially mums, find it difficult to achieve a balance between fitness and work. With 21st century technology though, different fitness and health apps have made it possible for mums to accomplish both work and their health and fitness objectives.

Ladies, Check Out These Awesome Fitness Apps!

Ladies, Check Out These Awesome Fitness Apps
Ladies, Check Out These Awesome Fitness Apps

Unlike frequently visiting the gym, health and fitness apps only need to be installed on your mobile device, and with functional internet connectivity, you are good to begin your workout.

Benefits of Health And Fitness Apps

Fitness and health apps have numerous benefits such as; you can easily monitor your progress, you can set your own achievable goals, you can track your everyday diet, and also it’s affordable.


Unlike hiring a personal trainer, installing a health and fitness app on your phone is either free or very affordable. Furthermore, you will be able to access a wide range of workouts from different trainers, hence making your training sessions fun and entertaining.

Easy to Monitor Your Progress

Apps such as Strava and Runkeeper use your smartphone’s GPS to monitor your mileage and speed whenever you participate in exercises like cycling, walking and running. Moreover, seeing your progress in the palm of your hand motivates you to put more effort into your workout.

Assists You in Setting Achievable Fitness Goals

Fitness professionals recommend you to set achievable fitness goals before beginning your workout sessions. Health and fitness apps like Couch to 5k can quickly assist you in setting and achieving reasonable fitness goals according to your performance. Also, achieving your fitness goals will help you to stay positive and motivated in your training.

Major Health And Fitness Apps Suitable For Mums

Software engineers have come up with health and fitness apps like Gain Fitness, 10-Minute Workouts, Argus, Daily Butt Workout and MyFitnessPal to help mums achieve their health and fitness goals

Aside from fitness apps, workout supplements can also play a significant role in helping you boost your fitness levels. You can visit and shop for a wide range of fitness supplement products.

Gain Fitness

This user-friendly app offers a wide range of ideas on how to work out comfortably in your house without any gym equipment. Furthermore, it assists you in scheduling and planning your workout sessions.

Daily Butt Workout

Many mums dream of curves in all the right places.The Daily Butt Workout App offers a 5-to-10-minute daily butt routine that takes you through some lower body exercises to help you tone your butt.


This is an all-in-one health and fitness app with features such as a sleep tracker which tracks your sleeping patterns. Furthermore, this app enables you to count your calories and monitor your daily activities, which play an essential role in setting fitness goals.

10-Minute Workouts

The 10-minute workout app is designed to offer 10-minute high-intensity interval training exercises which leave you sweaty. The app is suitable for busy mums since it helps them work out for 10 minutes daily despite their busy schedules.


The MyFitnessPal app is designed to offer exercise sessions that help you lose weight, be healthy and stay fit. This app also tracks your eating habits which allows you to monitor your weight.

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