Lemon X, Lenovo’s First Motorola Designed Smartphone

Lemon X, Lenovo’s First Motorola Designed Smartphone


Lemon X, Lenovo’s First Motorola Designed Smartphone.When Lenovo, one of the world’s top five phone makers, purchased Motorola in early 2014, the Beijing-based company’s share of the North American mobile market was nearly non-existent. At the time, analysts expected Lenovo to use Motorola to ease into the U.S. and establish relationships with native carriers, like Verizon and AT&T. Over 18 months later, Lenovo finally announced that it would begin merging its mobile business into Motorola, with the Chicago-based company designing and manufacturing its smartphones, and this week the internet got its first look at the “fruit” of this labor.

Here’s everything you need to know about the first Motorola-designed Lenovo phone, The Lemon X, including details, specs, a release date, and price.

The Merger:

In late August, Lenovo revealed that Lenovo Mobile will be incorporated into Motorola and that it will no longer operate as a standalone company, according to Phone Arena. Motorola will now lead all of Lenovo’s smartphone efforts, as well as all “high-end devices sold in international markets.”

In its most recent quarterly earnings report, Lenovo revealed that Motorola was responsible for nearly half of its mobile group’s $2.1 billion in revenue. So, by allowing Motorola to develop, design, and manufacture all of its phones, Lenovo can re-focus on its core products, like PCs and tablets. As a result of this merger, Lenovo expects its Mobile Business Group to “return to profitability” within the next three quarters.

Lemon X, Lenovo’s First Motorola Designed Smartphone

Lenovo explained the move in its earnings call by saying that “there will now be a more-simple, streamlined product portfolio, with fewer, more clearly-differentiated models. A faster, leaner business model will better leverage Lenovo’s global sales force and accelerate the efficiency actions already underway in its global supply chain.”

Lemon X:

Though the merger was just announced, the internet was surprised this week with several leaked images of what appears to be the first Lenovo phone that Motorola is working on, The Lemon X. The pics reveal a phone with Lenovo branding that looks a like a Moto device, including the familiar metal frames, round corners, and antenna bands. The phone also seems to have a fingerprint sensor on the back, which is new to Marshmallow, Android’s latest operating system.

the Lemon X has three capacitive buttons located under the display. This differs from most Motorola phones that have the “home, back, and multi-window buttons on the main screen.”

Also, Lenovo’s Group VP Chen Xudong recently made a statement that the DROID series has no further plans to introduce or maintain new smartphones.” This development could indicate that some of the DROID’s prized features, like its long battery life and unbreakable display, could be rolled into a new line of phones.

Price and Release Date:

Insiders suggest that, because the device looks to carry the Dolby brand, the phone is expected to fall into the “midrange to high-end category.” That could place the Lemon X, in relation to the Motorola portfolio, around $400 – $600. As availability is concerned, analysts expect to see these announced in mid 2016.

Lemon X, Lenovo’s First Motorola Designed Smartphone

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