Motorola X Style Review

Motorola X Style Review


Here is the Motorola X Style Review.Motorola’s first series of Moto devices on Flipkart ended up being a saving grace for the company and a worthy return for the brand to India. The Moto series, has a flagship offering along with a budget smartphone running near stock Android. While the mid-budget Moto G did really well, the flagship Moto X didn’t live up to expectations, despite the competitive pricing and decent specs.

Moto X Style is the new flagship offering from Motorola and is priced so as not to burn a hole in your pocket. Moto X Style is basically a smaller Nexus 6 with Moto badging. Motorola has finally got the smartphone camera right with this one. So is this the perfect smartphone under Rs 30,000? Read our review.

Specs: 5.7-inch (1440x2560p, ~520 ppi) IPS LCD display | Octa-core 1.8 GHz Snapdragon 808 processor | 3GB RAM | 16/32GB storage (expandable up to 128GB) | 21MP rear camera + 5MP front | Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery | Android Lollipop OS.

Price: Rs 29,999 (16GB), Rs 31,999 (32GB)


Motorola X Style Review


What is good? Moto X Style retains the design of original Moto X which was one of the best designed Android smartphone in 2013. The new Moto X Style is huge, but fits nicely in the palm and the textured rear gives it an attractive look and good grip. The new 5.7-inch display comes with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels and it is undoubtedly the best display ever packed into a Motorola smartphone. The display can get super bright and extremely dim too. If the display is set to maximum brightness at night time, it is good enough to act as a flashlight. Also the ambient display works intelligently and like Moto X 2014, users can wave their hands to activate the display and see the notification.

Both the Moto X phones before had weakest cameras in the category and this time Motorola has turned to Sony for image sensors. The result: one of the best camera sensors in an Android smartphone right now. For starters, the 21MP image sensor takes great pictures in broad daylight. The pictures are crisp and colours are extremely accurate. Also the 20 million pixels image gives you enough freedom to zoom into finer details.



The Moto X Style gets the trademark near-stock Android operating system with few Moto additions. Everything from Moto Display to Moto Voice work as advertised and Moto Voice is something that you would use over longer time. The Moto X Style leaves no room for complaints when it comes to performance. Thanks to Snapdragon 808 and 3GB RAM, Moto X Style can handle anything from gaming to basic web browsing without any noticeable lag. What is not good? Like every other Moto X before, Moto X Style comes with an unpredictable battery life too. I got a mixed usage from it. Sometimes it lasted well over a day while there were days when I ended up charging it twice. The added turbo charger is really a handy tool. It charges the phone not just fast but insanely fast.

Motorola X Style Review

Motorola has cut some corners to make up for the price. With Moto X Style, Motorola has opted for an LCD display rather than OLED panels seen on previous generation Moto X. While the difference is not obvious in normal use cases, the ambient display now brightens up the whole panel rather than just the notification area. The camera app is still very basic and offers the same interface from older Moto X. With a huge 21MP camera, Motorola could have done better by letting users take control of the image sensor with a Pro mode. Should you buy? Moto X Style is basically playing the OnePlus game in the Samsung Galaxy territory. At Rs 31,999 for 32GB model, Moto X Style offers a lot and the only clear competition is the newly announced Nexus 5X. If you want a large, crisp display and fancy that 21MP camera, Moto X Style makes a great option but its unpredictable battery performance makes it fall short of being perfect.

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