NordVPN A VPN With Servers In Many Locations

nordvpn review

NordVPN A VPN With Servers In Many Locations: The Internet has become an International phenomenon, and billions of dollars are spent every year on advertising. Unfortunately, the money also attracts the bad people whose only intention is to gain access to your credit and debit cards details, which will rip you off.

nordvpn review
NordVPN Review

Once you lost your money by these online stealers, then consider it lost forever. However, money isn’t the only thing they can steal from you; it also applies to the sensitive information, which will be sold to someone in China or a hacker team.

NordVPN Review

The virtual private network is known for adding a protective layer to your web browser and keeps you hidden online. The VPN is a popular solution that many bloggers, technical teams, and Internet users purchase to protect themselves from hackers.

Remember, Having an anti-virus protection will protect your PC not your online transactions and websites you visit.

NordVPN is a popular PC-based VPN solution which is protecting thousands of users all over the world for a long time.

We are going to show you how you can benefit from the NordVPN.

*1 Installation

Not everyone has the technical knowledge, and we are going to show you how easy is to Install the program on your Windows or Mac.

Step 1: Download the Trial-version from here.

Step 2: Double click to Install.

Step 3: You can change the location and then click Install.

Step 4: It took me around three minutes to complete the installation because my Antto-virus was scanning the files, while it was installing, so make sure you turn off your security program.

Step 5: Launch the program to use it.

*2 NordVPN Features & Options

One of the interesting things about the VPN is that it does not have any additional unnecessary options, which only makes it difficult for you to use it.

Extremely simple to use and we will show you how you can use it.

1 – Maps

As you can from the image below you can access more than one hundred locations, which will help you keep yourself protected from the hackers and privacy invaders.

2 – Security

NordVPN is claiming that they have military grade security so that the protection will be top notch.

3 – Double Encryption

When you enabled the VPN, you will have two servers covering your original IP address, which will divert the privacy invaders.

4 – No Logs

The company does not have any function to keep the logs, so then there won’t be any logs saved in the database. When there is no database, then no hacker can trace your back because they cannot determine yours with another visitor.

5 – DNS Leak Protection

We consider this as an important feature because when your browser and the website is communicating, anyone can copy that conversation that is called DNS leak.

The DNS leak protection is very important nowadays.

6 – Browser Extension

Mozilla extension and Chrome store, you can find the proxy extension developed by the NordVPN. You can download it and use it for your browser.

If you have subscribed to the NordVPN, then you can access the browser extension as well.

7 – More

To enable the VPN, all you have to do is select the location from the map and click on it to enable it.

C:\Users\kksilvery\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Start VPN.PNG

You can also click on countries, then select name wise like USA servers (support P2P in US region ), this is a helpful option if you cannot locate the place on the map.

  1. My Favorites – You can add any server location to the favorites, which will save you time.
  2. Speciality Servers – We have shared a snapshot, you can see the options you get in here.

  1. Settings – You should check the settings because tons of options are present in the Settings.

8 – Review

We have used NordVPN in the past, if you are a blogger, SEO marketer or someone who visits various sites in a day, then you can give it a shot.

SpeedTest – As you can see we have selected Australia as server location to test the speed. Currently, our Internet package is 5 MB/Sec or 40Mbps.

C:\Users\kksilvery\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Speedtest - 1.png

The ping is high, and the download speed is average. Speed is a concern here.

NordVPN A VPN With Servers In Many Locations


Currently, NordVPN is offering great discounts for a limited period. If you are looking for an advanced level VPN, then you should choose it based on your requirements. Let us know your experience and opinions.

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