How Your Phone Can Help You Shop For Back-To-School Supplies

How Your Phone Can Help You Shop For Back-To-School Supplies

How Your Phone Can Help You Shop For Back-To-School Supplies : Back-to-school season has returned, which means you’re preparing for another round of back-to-school shopping in the aisles.

How Your Phone Can Help You Shop For Back-To-School Supplies How Your Phone Can Help You Shop For Back-To-School Supplies

Equipped with your children’s school supply list, you face one of your most challenging tasks: filling your cart without going over budget. If you’re worried this shopping trip might put your finances at risk, pull out your phone from your back pocket. It’s an essential tool for saving money when you download the following apps:

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Price comparison apps

There’s nothing worse than thinking you snagged a deal at one store, only to realize too late that you bought the item for triple what it costs at another.These price comparison apps make sure you never experience that frustration again. Whether you download RedLaser for your iPhone or the Google Shopper for your new Pixel, these apps use your phone’s camera to help you shop smarter. After scanning the barcode of your back-to-school essential, you’ll be able to see the price for the same item at nearby stores and online — making sure you never overpay ever again.

Rebate pay-back apps

Once you’ve locked in on the cheapest price in town, your opportunity for savings isn’t over. When you equip your phone with a pay-back app like Ibotta, you can receive extra cash savings in the form of significant rebates. They’ve partnered with roughly 300 stores to deliver rebates on school supplies, clothes, and even snacks for their lunch pack. You just need to search through the available deals to see if anything on your list is eligible. With Ibotta, you have two options. It uses PayPal to refund part of the item’s total cost once you verify you bought it with a picture of your receipt. You can either take the cash or wait until you have enough to swap it out as a gift card.

Rewards points apps

If you’re going to spend all that money on supplies anyways, you might as well use your massive bill to your advantage and earn points and other rewards. These apps help you do it without filling your wallet full of individual loyalty cards. Apps like Key Ring and Flok manage your rewards/loyalty accounts with retailers, organizing every account onto a convenient platform. Not only will you earn points on every purchase, you’ll never again forget to bring a card with you on your shopping trip, eliminating the frustration of lost rewards points.

Money management apps

The above apps won’t work as effectively if you don’t first think about your back-to-school budget. You need to know how much you can afford on your kids’ school supplies before you scan your first barcode. Money management apps like Mint help you develop a working budget and keep track of it with helpful notifications and alerts. If you find yourself going over your budget even with these warnings, an app from MoneyKey can help you smooth over any financial hiccoughs. As a direct lender of payday loans, they’re a plan B for a growing number of Americans. Their appfacilitatesloans online to make it easier and faster for busy parents to apply for, manage, and repay their payday advance loans.

Remember these categories of apps when you prepare your phone for a busy shopping season. When you download the right combination, you’ll be able to manage the impact back-to-school shopping has on your finances. But don’t forget that many of these apps will work any time you walk down the aisles, making them an excellent addition just in time for the holidays. Protect your wallet all year round and shop carefully.


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