Plagiarism Checker Plagramme Review

Plagiarism Checker Plagramme Review

Plagiarism Checker Plagramme Review: Not every kind of plagiarism checker out there has the capability to check for the hardest of plagiarisms from the internet. Only some, such as Plagramme have the advanced technology required for that.

Tools with all the required technologies to detect all and any kind of plagiarisms are hard to find.

Here’s the kind of advanced plagiarism that other tools can’t detect:

  • White Letters: Some characters are inserted on the words, which leads to the algorithm of the plagiarism checker to believe that it’s unique content even though it’s not.
  • Word orders: Here’s an example- “I am rich” & “Rich I am”, they both have nearly the same meaning and words, but older plagiarism checkers can’t detect because the word order has been changed.
  • Latin letters are changed with cyrilica, so old plagiarims checkers cannot detect plagiarism, all the texts kept unique content.
  • Another loophole in most other plagiarism checkers is that they can’t detect paraphrases.
  • And then obviously is the trick of changing languages, people change the language of the copied text and that almost kills most other plagiarism checkers.

So Plagiarism checkers are important! Let’s get on with this Plagramme review.

Plagramme Review

Recently I was going to submit my thesis on some topic, but before doing so I just gave it a Plagiarism check, just to test a new tool out I heard about.

All I can say is, the “test for fun” saved my entire semester, It seems the thesis I was going to submit is entirely copied from a friend’s thesis, and as my thesis was provided to me by my friend, I was unaware of this occurrence.

Plagramme is the plagiarism checker I was acquainted with, and once it worked for me, I thought the least I can do is scribble down this post, and share its powers with the world.

Well, first of all, let me tell you I’m not trying to sell you something here, as Plagramme credits can be availed for free, it truly is just a tool I feel you should hear about.

What is Plagramme Plagiarism Checker and Who Needs it?

It’s a tool which lets you check if your documents are unique and original, helping you verify someone else’s work, be sure about your own work hence avoiding penalties and copyright infringements.

A very large number of teachers from Europe and Polish schools have already entrusted Plagramme plagiarism checker to be their teaching aid.

It helps them verify and check hundreds of assignments and projects submitted by their students, compare them to each other to see if they copied from one another or any other source.

It’s also popular among students, who use it to check if their work is their own and isn’t copied by someone.

How to use Plagramme?

It’s easy, simply Sign up on the platform > upload your document and that’s it.

There’s a neat “upload” button on the left-sidebar, which adds to the overall aesthetics of the platform.

Simply click on the button, and upload your document.


The upload process is blazing fast and takes seconds. After that the platform automatically analyzes the whole document for checking if placed there proper quotation, the system warns about matching sentences wrong phrased sentences etc.

The process generally takes 3-4 minutes but can be sped up using Plagramme credits. Plagramme credits can be bought using real money, or earned for:


  • Facebook shares
  • Twitter shares.
  • Emails.
  • Sitejabber recommendations.
  • Trusting on Trustpilot.

It’s instant when it’s sped up, and costs $1.5/report.

Once the report is complete, it can be accessed from a button on the dashboard for deeper insights.

I personally am extensively happy with the tool, it delivered really satisfactory results and at a much cheaper price than what I was paying earlier.


As you can see in the above image, the result is extremely easy to understand and it’s displayed with the original source and everything else as well.

Bottomline is, it’s simple, & it’s fast. Not to mention it’s almost free.

What We Think of Plagramme?

So yeah it’s one of the best Plagiarism tools to have ever existed, and it’s almost free because you can get free credits, and with its advanced detection algorithm for white letters, Latin letters, language changes and everything else, I don’t see how it can be any better.

So yeah I do love it.

Primarily because not only is it cheap, you only pay when you analyze a document, it’s not like those other subscription based models where you’re bound to pay no matter your use or disuses of the platform.

Also, another one of the feathers in the cap of the platform is that it doesn’t urge or ask you to install any kind of third-party software or plugin on your system, it’s a web-based platform which I’d say is a win because it saves your system resources, and can be accessed and used on any system on any corner of the globe once you have the account.

So I personally am in love with the platform, it’s one of the best plagiarism checkers as far as the price range, and ease of use are concerned.

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