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AVG’s latest updates are important. When it comes to your mobile security, the latest updates by AVG ensures that your smartphone is protected. The antivirus for phone devices by AVG was created to update regularly so that your personal data, applications, and more stays secure. The droid antivirus app is easy to download and continues to be a top choice for smartphone security.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2017
Bitdefender Internet Security 2017

Check Out Latest Updates

The AVG antivirus application continuously updates to ensure that your smartphone is protected. With regular updates, your downloaded applications stay secure, any malware or spyware is detected, while the latest viruses are blocked. You can rest assured that your mobile device is protected 24/7.

Special features of the application helps you to have added security features for your mobile phone. Use the anti-theft feature to find your phone when lost or stolen. The anti-theft website of AVG will direct you to the location of your device via Google Maps. If stolen, you can activate an alarm that will sound loudly from the smartphone as well as lock the device remotely to protect your personal information.

Additional security features are included to protect your mobile phone on a daily basis. Create a PIN code to keep others out of your device. The PIN code will be used to unlock your mobile when you use it, keeping others from accessing your information. A Camera Trap feature will take a photo of any individual who tries to unlock your device more than three times unsuccessfully. This helps you to identify the individual trying to access your phone.

To fully protect your android, you need antivirus software. This free app download helps you to have access to the protect you need, when you need it most. With quality features and consistent updating, you will never feel unprotected when it comes to your smartphone.


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