Systweak Android Cleaner: An Impressive Way to Deal with Cluttered Data

Android devices offer a lot of advanced functions to the users. These functions help users to accommodate the things in their daily life. You can use multiple useful apps as well on this platform. Hence Androids are known for their easy functionality and user-friendly experience though these devices come with their own limitations. A lot of functions and apps ultimately clutter the device and affects its speed and performance negatively. There is certain measure available to deal with the situation. One possible way is to use Android cleaner apps to clean your device instantly for better performance.

Systweak Android Cleaner
Systweak Android Cleaner


Systweak Android Cleaner: An Impressive Way to Deal with Cluttered Data


One such app is offered by software firm Systweak Software by the name of “Systweak Android Cleaner”. Let’s have a look at its useful features.

Systweak Android Cleaner For Android
Systweak Android Cleaner For Android

Junk Files: You can use this feature to remove all junk and unnecessary files from your device. It segregates junk files in external application cache, temporary files, APK files, unused folders, and largest files. It displays the space covered by them individually so that you can manage files well. You can simply click on CLEAN NOW button to remove all junk files.

Systweak Android Cleaner Best junk cleaner for android
Best Junk Cleaner For Android

Game SpeedUp: This feature helps you turn your Android device into a dedicated gaming platform. It stops all apps running in the background cleaning additional RAM for you to play game hassle free. You can add games to the list and can press the button to instantly release the RAM.

best android game booster
Best Android Game Booster

File Explorer: It displays all the files on our device and mentions the space covered by them on your device. It displays files under pictures, music, videos, documents, media files, big and downloaded files heads. You can take the backup of these files or can simply press Delete Now button to remove them.

Systweak Android Cleaner
Systweak Android Cleaner

App Manager: It displays all the available applications on your device. You can archive these files or uninstall them to make some extra space on your device. It stores “installation file” of the archived app for future requirement.

best app manager for android
Systweak Android Cleaner App Manager

Phone Boost: This feature instantly releases RAM for some other important work. It kills all unnecessary apps running in the background to speed up the device.


best systweak android cleaner app for android
Systweak Android Cleaner

Battery Saver: It displays the information related to your battery including its temperature, voltage, and technology it uses. It displays all those functions on your mobile which drain your device’s battery. By clicking on TURN BATTERY SAVER ON mode you can instantly close all the battery draining functions. You can individually close these functions as well.

Systweak Android Cleaner
Systweak Android Cleaner

Cloud backup: This app offers you to take the backup of your data on cloud servers so that you can use this data anytime anywhere in the future.


• You can keep Notifications On/Off according to your requirement.

• Auto Cleaning option offers you to clean device on regular intervals.

• Using Ignore List option you can evict the files or apps from the scanning process.

• You can “Language” of your choice to work on this app.

Conclusion: Systweak Android Cleaner works more than a basic android cleaner as it offers additional services like Battery Saver and Cloud Backup. Thus this app can be considered as a complete package for the users. It performs in the best way possible. Hence it is strongly recommended.



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