The Best Gaming Apps For Android

The Best Gaming Apps For Android

According to quarterly data published during the second quarter of 2016 by the International Data Corporation (IDC), Google’s Android platform is found in 87.6% of all mobile devices. In comparison, Apple’s iOS platform is only found in 13.4% of mobile devices. Other platforms including Windows Phone and Blackberry account for less than 3% of the mobile OS eco-system. This market dominance has made Google’s platform the leading choice for developers of Android gambling apps. Below is some more information about the fast-growing Android betting apps market.

The Best Gaming Apps For Android

The Best Gaming Apps For Android

Adoption by Legacy Gaming Companies

The mobile gaming industry has exploded partly due to the adoption of mobile app technology by traditional gaming companies. This strategy has proved beneficial to both gamers and betting app developers as well. Prior to the emergence of mobile apps, gamers had to visit brick-and- mortar casinos in order to access gaming content. On the other hand, mobile based-gaming enabled vendor companies to reach a broader audience. Most of these apps are free to download from Google Play with users only paying to access premium content.

The Popularity of Gambling Apps

The popularity of gambling apps in general has had a positive trickle-down effect on similar apps. A good example is Pokemon Go, an augmented reality mobile game that has reignited the imagination of consumers who grew up playing console games. Besides this, it is worth noting that Google Play is powered by a search engine that gives market visitors “app download” recommendations based on age (millennial, baby boomer), gender, and browsing/app download history. As such, mobile device owners visiting the gaming category are likely to be exposed to game-based app recommendations and some will actually execute downloads.

Numerous Choices

Currently, the Android platform supports hundreds of gami meaning mobile device owners can easily find the apps of their choice. Some gamers have even installed multiple gaming apps on their mobile devices in order to easily access and play games that match their expectations. In addition, novices can download and use demo apps to hone their skills before playing with real money.

The Best Gaming Apps For Android


Most mobile betting apps offer lucrative prizes including cash, sign up bonuses, jackpots, and free bets. The financial value of these prizes ranges from a few to thousands of dollars. Some apps also host regular tournaments where the winners can easily walk away with more than one million dollars in cash. Media stories of casual gamers who won big jackpots have also inspired some people to try betting apps. Due to the growing popularity of gambling apps, developers are constantly coming up with new reward schemes to protect their market share from hungrier startups. Nevertheless, do not obsess over the lucrative prizes but focus on sharpening your skills before turning into a hardcore gamer.


Gaming apps constitute one of the most popular app categories on Google’s Android marketplace. Mobile device owners can easily access and install apps that suit their gaming tastes. Overall, the mobile gaming niche has been fuelled by the virality of apps such as Pokemon Go, lucrative prize offerings, adoption of mobile apps by traditional gaming companies, and the availability of many mobile gambling apps.

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