Top 10 Games To Keep An Eye On In VR

Top 10 Games To Keep An Eye On In VR

Top 10 Games To Keep An Eye On In VR : As the virtual reality category expands and improves, we’re seeing new games released on a regular basis. In some cases, these are entirely original experiences designed just for a given VR headset; in others, they’re adapted versions of video games that were already popular on other systems and in other formats. Whatever the case though, the broad library of available VR games is getting bigger at a fairly rapid rate.

Top 10 Games To Keep An Eye On In VR
Top 10 Games To Keep An Eye On In VR

Even so, however, we have some suggestions and predictions for what could come next. The following are games that are either on their way to VR or should be.

Middle Earth: Shadow Of War

Top 10 Games To Keep An Eye On In VR
Top 10 Games To Keep An Eye On In VR

This is a brand new title that just came out for major consoles. Building on the success of the wildly popular Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor, it’s a gorgeous, action-packed rendering of the world behind the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Even a year ago, this would have seemed like a very ambitious idea. But now that we’ve seen some similarly spectacular open world adventures coming to VR – including Skyrim and Fallout – it looks more like an eventuality.

Call Of Duty

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare actually had a VR experience available to PS4 users back in 2016, so it’s only natural that the franchise will progress from there. Plus, it’s hard to imagine the folks behind this series allowing competitors like Fallout (and potentially others) to move into the new medium without following suit.

Mario Kart

Nintendo can sometimes be a little bit slow to adapt, and with the company having pivoted to its Switch hybrid console, it’s unclear if there are serious virtual reality ambitions. That said, if and when Nintendo does embrace VR, it stands to reason that Mario Kart will be a priority. The latest iteration of this incredible series, for the Switch, has been called “basically perfect,” and it really seems to get even better with age. Throw in the fact that racing games are among the best and most natural on VR, and a Mario Kart VR game seems like a no-brainer.

For Honor

This has been one of the most popular console games of the year, and makes for a different kind of fighting game. Basically a “hack-and-slash” experience built for the beauty and depth of modern systems, it uses beautiful settings and exciting characters drawn from ancient warfare to enhance a fairly ordinary gaming concept. It may also establish something of a template for a weapons-based fighting game in VR.

The Room

The Room is a mobile game, or rather a series of mobile games, that appears to be perfectly suited to virtual reality. The company behind these games, Fireproof Games, has actually already explored VR, which would seem to be a good indication that this sort of adaptation could be on the way. Revolving around spooky atmospheres and 3D puzzles, The Room series would be deeply immersive and thrilling in the new format.

Gonzo’s Quest

This is another mobile game (as well as a game in online browsers) that’s actually showing movement toward VR. Over time this has become one of the most recognizable games in online and mobile casino categories, with one overview including it among original concept classics in the genre. And with the game involving animated characters and settings in addition to its popular slot reel, there has already been an announcement that it will be adapted to VR.

Rival Knights

This is more of a pipe dream in all likelihood, but it’s worth mentioning as possible inspiration for a future VR game. Rival Knights is a jousting game for mobile devices, and the best of its kind. There is actually a title called Valiant that attempted to bring jousting to VR already, though did so rather crudely. A sharper, more attractive, and generally better version, perhaps based on Rival Knights, could be a huge hit on VR.

GoldenEye 007

If you do a search for “GoldenEye VR” you’ll find references to a game called Pavlov VR. This is a first person shooter designed for HTC Vive, and available as an early access game on Steam. But this isn’t a direct adaptation of GoldenEye 007, which so many people would undoubtedly love to see. It’s only fitting that the game that really kicked off the FPS phenomenon should get an upgrade to its latest medium, after all.

Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup

This is a game that never really generated much buzz. It came out in 2003 for PCs and the leading consoles of the time, and one could have imagined it becoming a hit. But quidditch, the imaginary sport from the Harry Potter universe, has always been a little bit clunky in games. That might change in VR, and as it happens there are already some independent developers working on games (though not necessarily direct adaptations of this title).


We’ll close out with this classic and unexpected title, which was actually listed in an article on old games that should be revived in VR. It’s a weird idea, but actually quite fun when you think about it. Sure you’d miss out on the main animation, of Pac-Man himself (because that would be your role to play), but navigating a maze in first person, eating up dots, avoiding ghosts, and listening to those iconic sound effects, would be incredibly entertaining.

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