Top 7 Trending Android Games for this Month

Top 7 Trending Android Games for this Month

The android game industry improves each month, and you should be on the lookout for new market entries. The industry is growing and the android games are experiencing massive changes. Here are 7 of the top games for this month.

Top 7 Trending Android Games for this Month
Top 7 Trending Android Games for this Month

Top 7 Trending Android Games for this Month

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1. Combat Squad

This is a new online FPS type of game that invokes multi online players. You can decide to play one player against another or five against five. The graphics of the game are purely fiction and you have control the dimensions of the game. If you are an FPS fan, you should enjoy this great android game. You can get the game for free on Google Play. There is massive fun in playing the Combat Squad. Visit Google Play and make the download to enjoy the beautiful game.

2. Pianista

The concept of this game is a little different from the other Android games. Pianista is a high energy game. The rhythm of the game is dictated by the music produced when playing. You will enjoy a range of classical music and songs as you play. The game invokes a 50-stage playing approach and you are required to work extra hard to make through the stages. The game can be downloaded for free on Google Play and you should check it out. There is serious fun in playing Pianista as the concept of the game is both exciting and motivational.

3. Framed 2

From the original master game Framed, here comes the new edition. This puzzle game is good for fun and learning. Every segment of the game is displayed in a number of panels. Your aim while playing is to organize the panels in order to achieve a different satisfactory outcome of the game experience. You will also find a line of different players to compete against. The game is an excellent one to look out for. You can download it on Google Play at a cost of $4.99.

4. Tales of the Rays

This new mobile game application is good for adventure and fun. The gaming allows you to explore dungeons as you collect loots. You are expected to collect characters amounting to points while playing. The game is good for both kids and adults. You can enjoy it for free on Google Play. The advantage of the android game is the ability to set the trend and pace of the adventure that you are participating. You should look out for the Tales of the Rays as there is so much to experience in playing.

5. Adventure Time Run

This particular Android game is an exploration game that involves an infinite runner. As a gamer, you are required to put together a bunch of key characters and run with the collection across the different levels of the game. The mechanics of the game are bound to vary with the change in the level you are playing. The advantage of this adventure is the freedom to unify the characters as you compete to beat the online leader. You can download the game app for free on Google Play and enjoy the fun time while playing. You will feel as part of the adventure as the fun is beyond imagination.

6. Kraken Land

If you are a fan of runner games, this is the game for you. Kraken Land features 3D graphics to help you play easily. You are expected to run across different bunch levels as you conquer obstacles along the way. There is so much fun in playing this game. You can get Kraken Land for free on Google Play. If you love adventure, you should consider trying Kraken Land as it is worth the effort.

7. Voletarium

Voletarium also falls under the adventure category. The game is more of a story as is depicts an event that involves two characters who are extremely interested in learning about their ancestry. They build flying gadgets in an attempt to find their ancestors. You can get the game at a price of $5.99 on Google Play.

Top 7 Trending Android Games for this Month



All the above 7 games can be downloaded on Google Play. They are all for fun and adventure. You should look out for any of the 7 games online and experience the greatest fun that Android has to offer. There is much to experience and you should not let the chance go.

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