Forget about all your apps you have on your smartphone and try to think of more explicit apps that you can install on it. You might be facing the difficulty that which one would be best suited for your device as you will find yourself standing in the bunch of best ones. You can’t say that this particular app is the best one as other apps are better and ahead in the race. So stop thinking about the best one and have a look at the list and I am sure you will definitely get some idea while choosing an app. So let’s move on to the exciting and the thrilling lists.

Top Trending Apps Of 2017


Top Trending Apps Of 2017
Top Trending Apps Of2017




Showbox is one of the most trusted and talked movie app where you can get the unlimited number of your favorite movies and TV series that you might not get on other websites. Not only you can download the movies but you can stream it online which is truly amazing. One can also download the desired content which is really cool.





Has your phone become lazy? Does your phone hang when you open an app? If that is your problem then you must try this app which has been designed with the most advanced anti-virus features. It automatically scans the downloaded apps and other files and folders and removes the illegal content if found. It is also an Email scanner that scans your received emails and searches for the diseased hone contents. It automatically files out the ailments and protects your phone from the external malware.





Can you imagine your single day without the reading the news or hearing about the current happenings across the globe? Well, possibly not. The busy schedule of the work is most responsible for the deprivation of the news. But now you don’t have to worry about these things. Here is the best one for you that let you read the news in a very efficient and accurate manner. The news is written in short writings so that user can easily know about the current happenings around the globe. Go with this app and have faith definitely you will know all about it briefly. So download short news app or directly read short news from the official awesummly website.




Well, this app is for those who are a game addict and always look out for the new, exciting and thrilling games.This particular game improves your driving skills by giving different types of challenges and thus allowing you to earn coins to go on to the next level. So if you are looking for a new game then definitely this particular asset would be best.

Dr Driving app  Dr Driving


Dr. Driving
Dr. Driving
Developer: SUD Inc.
Price: Free+


Imagine you are feeling hungry after midnight and not a single restaurant is opened. The pain you will feel can only be understood by you and only the thought of spicy food will erect your noise and will increase the speed of mice running inside your stomach. So stop your mice and go with Zomato which contains a chain of restaurants that is mainly meant for the night food especially when someone has returned from a party and is still hungry. Place your order and enjoy your food under the pale moonlight along with your friends.




Can you imagine your single day without music? Can you live without music? Definitely, the answer will be no. Music has the greatest healing powers which can heal us from any type of pain we are suffering from. Not only the healing power music also creates a sense of feeling towards that particular song. So here is this wonderful app that allows you to listen to all types of the song starting from the old to the new generation party and rock songs. You can also download all your favorite songs and listen to it anytime, anywhere.



EBay: –

Are you fed up with your old and nasty things? Are you planning to sell your products? eBay is one of the best platforms that allow you to sell all your products at a very reasonable rate. So just take a photo of your old products and upload it on the app and is also one of the best ways to earn money sitting at your home. Go on and have a fun with your old products.

ebay app  ebay



Skype is a multifunctional social media app that not only allows you to communicate with your friends through voice messaging but also establish a face to face connection so that you have a better and efficient talk. Skype is better than many other social media apps which don’t provide a face to face connection. So now establish a secure connection and go on chatting with your friends.

skype app  skype



Well, the name specifies its significance and the purpose it is used for. The app automatically updates you with the weather conditions around you. So stop worrying about the weather and go on with your work without looking at the sky. As the update regarding the apps come on your device similarly the update regarding the weather will also come as soon as this app is installed on your device.

weather app  weather


Developer: Word Connect Games
Price: Free+



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