How to Use Whatsapp App Seamlessly On Your Phone Without A Phone Number

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the handiest and most popular messaging App that has successfully managed to create a global user network which comprises millions of gratified users. WhatsApp has bestowed the users with piles of exciting upgrades that made the messaging experience cooler and more intriguing. From simple messaging to file sharing, calling and leaving the voice records – everything is pretty awesome about the App but have you ever thought that what more can you explore about your favorite App in your leisure time? Well, you can do a lot like track WhatsApp messages but let’s talk about using WhatsApp without a SIM card or a phone number in this article.

How to Use Whatsapp App Seamlessly On Your Phone Without A Phone Number

Are you stunned to know this trick? Well, if your answer is ‘Yes’ then your life is going to be pretty exciting now onwards. All check out GBWA Download and installation guide. Here is each and everything that you need to know about running a WhatsApp account on your phone without using a phone number has been comprehensively discussed. Check out the following steps and try to implement these to enhance your WhatsApp fun and impress your buddies showing this cool trick.

Using TextNow

This is one good option you got to escape the WhatsApp verification process without using your personal phone number. TextNow is a popular App that provides you a phone number that doesn’t exist but works with the WhatsApp verification process.

Go to your Android’s Play Store and explore TextNow app. Now download and install it.  

  • Open the App and get your unique phone number from there. The phone number generated through the App is unique for every user and hence doesn’t cause trouble while verifying the WhatsApp account.
  • Now go to your WhatsApp’s ‘enter your number’ box. This option will pop up as soon as you are done with the Terms and Condition acceptance
  • Now enter your country followed by the TextNow unique number. WhatsApp will show the failure notification of the sent message to the unique number generated by the TextNow App within 5 minutes. Now as per the WhatsApp’s verification process, you will have to call your entered unique number. Now enter your Text Now App and receive the verification call from WhatsApp. You will get your verification code here.

Now use that verification code and complete the process to get the official authorization to use WhatsApp. There are many similar Apps available as well on Playstore, App Store and Windows Store that will help you use your WhatsApp account without using your personal phone number. You can try another easy and dependable method that has been explained below to get the same amenity following few simple steps.

Install/Re-install WhatsApp

If you have already an existing WhatsApp account on your Android, Apple or any other smart device then you need to backup your complete WhatsApp data and then clear them including the WhatsApp App. Now download it again and if you are about to install WhatsApp for the first time then the same step applies for you as well. Now install the App on your device. Its obvious that now WhatsApp will ask for your mobile number to verify the account. Skipping this step will get you near to your ‘Using WhatsApp with No Phone Number’ Mission.

Turn On Flight Mode

Turning on the Flight Mode is an efficient and proven way to skip the verification process. Now you have the Flight Mode activated on your device, you can freely enter your mobile number for the verification process but for the obvious reasons, the process will be an unsuccessful one.

Ditch the Verification Process  


WhatsApp always has more than one verification process. You can choose the SMS verification option. Here you need to send the verification message to an email address but this process must be cancelled as fast as one can to ditch the verification process. You have successfully escaped the final verification process.

If you are in a opposite situation then you can even use same WhatsApp account on 2 phones at the same time.

Try Fake Text Message     

  • Now simply go to the Android Playstore or the App Store of your device’s OS, and download the Fake Text Message App.
  • You can install this App, copy the cancelled message details from the Outbox and send it to a fake number using the Fake Messaging App.
  • As the message will be successfully sent to the fake number, you will be completely authorized to use the official WhatsApp account. No frequent ‘verify your account’ type messages will pop up on your device’s screen. Rejoice!

How to Use Whatsapp App Seamlessly On Your Phone Without A Phone Number

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