Viper for Android and Windows (the best audio fx)

Viper for Android and Windows (The best audio fx)

Hi friends today i am gonna tell you about Viper for Android and Windows the best audio fx on earth. We all use smartphones and PCs for downloading Mp3 music using some mp3 downloaders and media playbacks to listen our favorite music. And we all want a better sound output to listen our music. So for gain a best audio output from your smartphone and windows pc here is the VIPER Audio fx for you. VIPER gives you the best sound quality and lots of tweaks in the audio. It works as a equalizer.ViPER Audio is an audio enhancing software to provide everyone with better audio experiences in various platforms such as smartphones and PCs.ViPER’s Audio is founded by Euphy Wong (known as ViPER520). ViPER’s Audio has been a popular audio mod in China. Co-founder Jasper Loo (known as zhuhang). It has now gained fame and stand its ground in the audio mod field.



Viper for Android and Windows (The best audio fx)

ViPER’s Audio improves bass with its Dynamic bass system and ViPER Bass. Not a fan of strong bass? ViPER’s Audio is excellent in terms of clarity with its unique ViPER Clarity and XHiFi technology.

Besides, surround sound experience had never been better without ViPER’s Surround Settings including Field Surround, Differential Surround (Haas Effect) and Virtual Headphone Surround+.

Talking about audio effect, there’s nothing more significant than convolution. Being the first audio mod to implement Convolver into smartphone. ViPER’s Audio is definitely a favourite of audiophiles over the world.

ViPER’s Audio concerns on listeners’ auditory health. Hence, an Auditory Protection System with the one and only ViPER’s “Cure Tech+” technology reduces auditory stress and enables users for a longer duration of pounding musics.

Viper for Android and Windows (The best audio fx)

Features of Viper:

Playback Gain Control
With gain control we can make headphones sound quieter or louder, even when the system volume is set to max. Be careful though, since this can cause irreparable damage to your headphones or speaker if set to high.

Enabling this, will produce a balanced audio response from your headphones. Which means that the lows, mids and highs do not cross each other. But don’t look at this as a definitive solution, actual balanced sound requires more than just your phone’s audio output, 20$ headphones and a DDC profile. But it sure helps greatly, with getting the best out of what you got.

Spectrum Extension
Encodes the higher sound spectrum differently than the lower part. A different approach on the replication of the higher spectrum, gives us a more detailed sound. It can though, if set to high produce artifacts.

Well it is mostly what it says it is, but without the fire part. The Equalizer is really handy, if we want to get a specific sound from the main speaker, to give us a more pleasant experience. For instance, lets say our phone speaker is set to play more high frequencies than middle, with it, we can just lover the highs, to equalize the sound reproduction. The same goes for headphones, or any other output device.

Enables us to use a IRS (Input Response Sample) through convolution. Which basically is a sound processor, playing back in real time the characteristics of the sample. This is one of the best features of Viper4Android, and also the most battery hungry. To use it you will need IRS samples, which you can find here. Put them into SDcard/ViPER4Android/Kernel.

Viper for Android and Windows (The best audio fx)

Differential Surround
Also called the Haas effect. It basically delays the sound to one ear from 1 to 35ms, which gives us a fake perception of depth.

Headphone Surround+
You can choose from 5 different surround levels designed for headphones.

Simulates sound being reflected from objects. With it we can replicate sound as if we were in a room, while we listen to music on our headphones.

Dynamic System
Gives us an option to choose a predefined headphone sound setup, to which we can add a dynamic bass effect.

Tube Sound
Simulate the sound of tube amplifiers from the good old days.

Fidelity Control
Gives us control over Viper Bass and Viper Clarity. With them, you can add bass via different modes and frequencies and also make the sound clearer. It works really well on lower bitrates.

Auditory System Protection
Enables Cure Tech+, which takes the edge of harsh frequencies at the cost of detail.

Just give a try one time you will definately like it guys…


Download Viper For Android And Windows


Note:- Viper is only for rooted devices…and if u want to root your android device or want to know how to root it then my previous post is for you.


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