Why Developers Should Start Focusing On Virtual Reality Apps

Here's Why Developers Should Start Focusing On Virtual Reality Apps

Few days back, a drastic change in the trend  of consumers behavior stroked the roof of the gaming economy when an Augmented reality game called ‘Pokémon Go’ made its launch, the social networking sites went viral with the launch of this game. Moreover, to be soon to launch the Oculus Rift Headset, HTC Vive have provided steps for mankind to land in a world of VIRTUAL REALITY, marking the beginning of golden era of the digital world had provided scope for the upcoming developers to lay out their hands towards the world of virtual reality focusing on the below mentioned points proving them enough reasons to concentrate on the development of such apps:

Here's Why Developers Should Start Focusing On Virtual Reality Apps
Here’s Why Developers Should Start Focusing On Virtual Reality Apps

1. Consumers Interest Towards A Virtual World

Customer Interest Towards Virtual World
Customer Interest Towards Virtual World

VR is not a very new technology to cause such a sudden increased behavior in the trend, its history dates back in the 1900’s when the concept of VR was tried in the gaming platform but lack of proper lifelike graphics, more time lag, and other similar causes the platform wasn’t able to attract consumers such a way, 20 years later with the overcoming of some of the problems of VR and maintaining a right time  for release of the same, VR is being  able to grab attention of the users, providing just a right time and scope for the developers to focus on the same.

2. Games

Virtual Reality In Games

    Virtual Reality In Games

Needless to say whenever the word VR strikes our mind an image of wearing headset experiencing a thrilling game experience comes to our mind, and when VR itself started its journey with this sector, why should any developer search reasons for the same.

3. Education

Virtual Reality In Education
Virtual Reality In Education

Imagine sitting in a virtual classroom with leading professors and teachers interacting with you, or practically understanding the so-called boring concepts turning them to an interesting one and helping one to visualize a practical educational environment, developers with the use of more advanced technology can help achieve, mankind such virtual reality in world of reality.

4. Trainings

All of us are aware of the fact that there is a huge gap between training and experiencing the same in ones real life. This gap can be overcome by VR by building a bridge between the both sides, providing a platform for real life experiences, with the development of the globalised world, trainings have become an immense necessity of the companies, thus fetching the developers to come forward to make such apps.

5. Medical Field

Virtual Reality In Medical Field

    Virtual Reality In Medical Field

No wealth is compared to health. Integration and collaboration of various high-tech advances could help serve mankind like anything. Development of VR apps on this field is going to be a boon for the society.

6. Depression

Placing someone out of his world to a virtual imaginative world with his own control over his imaginative world could be a treatment to fight anxiety, depression and would provide scope for development of other psychological treatments. Such app development could be a very helpful for those suffering from such disorders and who had a fear to share his problem with others.

7. Field Trips/Vacations

Jealous of your friend who just visited Paris? Well now you don’t need to cry over the same, the future VR tech provides you scope to visit Paris just sitting at your home. Well just like Doremon’s anywhere door!!!

8. Watching Your Favorite Match

Tickets went black and you don’t have enough to book your tickets in an international stadium, the future VR has the possibility to provide you  a  thrilling experience of watching your match just making one feel as inside the stadium.

9. Experiential Marketing

It can provide a wide platform for the upcoming developers to focus on for future marketing.

10. Robotics


In the recent years, Robotics have attracted a huge mass, control of robots through VR could serve as another base for developers to draw their attention in development of such Robotic apps.

11. Social Networking Sites

The days are not far behind when the moments you share on Facebook, Instagram could be viewed in 4D, with your friends cherishing your moments too!!!

12. Nanotechnology

Integration of VR with Nanotech could be a great success. Developers should carry out research on this sector with more detailing to help viewers feel life-like experiences with the help of specialized advanced technologies in the near future. Omission of the bulgy headsets could me met with the advancement of Nanotechnology.

13. Conferences

Virtual Technology In Conference
Virtual Technology In Conference

Gone are the days of tiresome visits to different regions just to make a 45 minute talk. VR helps you have your conference meeting interacting with your boss just by sitting at your home or office.

With the above points providing enough reasons for the developers to look forward to this new trend of technology, they should also be able to focus to overcome the side effects of VR like strain in eyes, nausea, headaches etc. and with this they could lead a revolutionary change in today’s digital world by laying a carpet towards the virtual world to serve mankind.

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