YouTube DL: Best YouTube Playlist Downloader For Linux

youtube dl : YouTube Playlist Downloader For Linux

Hey geeks, today I am gonna show you how to download YouTube videos and Youtube playlists in Linux(Ubuntu or any other distro) with youtube-dl which is the most powerful youtube downloader for Linux and personally my favorite.

Every now and then, today or tomorrow, A windows user definitely becomes an Anti-windows user and since the arrival of Windows 10, many geeks have been apostatizing/converting their religion and becoming Linux Users. In the beginning It seems like a hard fight, later on they lick their fingers till the end with this licky-nux.

youtube dl : YouTube Playlist Downloader For Linux

youtube dl : Best YouTube Playlist Downloader For Linux


Since Ubuntu and Linux-Mint have become most reputed Distros(Distributions) of all time. While using any distro People often feel difficulty while trying to download YouTube playlists and videos Cause we don’t have IDM/TubeMate here.

concatenating to what is said earlier, I am gonna give you a tutorial and show you how you can install and use YouTube-dl for downloading all the YouTube stuffs.

So lets start….

YouTube DL: Best YouTube Playlist Downloader For Linux

 Installing Youtube-dl

To install youtube-dl, first go to the terminal and type this

sudo apt-get update 

youtube dl for linux

sudo gives you the root access and you will have to give your login-password after this command. apt-get update downloads the package lists from the repositories and “updates” them to get information on the newest versions of packages and their dependencies. It will do this for all repositories and PPAs.

In short, after giving this command , you will get the latest release of the software you want to download.

now type
sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

youtube dl for pc

After giving this command, youtube-dl will be installed.

Now to check whether all prerequisite things are done correctly.. type

youtube-dl -help

how to install youtube dl on linux

this will show you the help documentation as in the image above and if not, something might have gone wrong so you will have to repeat the installation process.

first, you need to know the basic structure of commands

 youtube-dl [OPTIONS] URL [URL...]

  • OPTIONS: additional attributes that you might require to download the perfect quality videos. these attributes will help in cases like what to do when an error occurs and whether to resume the incomplete video or not.
  • URL: URLs of the videos/playlist


now here are the important and useful commands that you will need…

  1.  youtube-dl -F [URL]

youtube-dl -F

this command will show you the Formats available for downloading

download youtube playlist to idm in linux

Download YouTube Video With YouTube DL


As shown in the image, This command gives a lit of possible formats with their attributes.

  • first attribute on the left is the code for that particular format and we will need this code to download the desired video format, I will show you that in the next command.
  • second attribute is the extension, It’s upto your video player which one it supports so choose carefully.
  • third attribute is the resolution of the format
  • others you can ignore

I recommend you to select only one of the last 5 or 6 formats because you might not get audio or video if you choose the wrong format. Indeed, you will only need to choose from last 6/7 formats only.

2. youtube-dl -f 22 -cit [URL]

YouTube Video Downloader For Linux

YouTube Video Downloader For Linux


here, I have used following attributes

  • -f : In our previous command we used to know the formats available, we use –to download the chosen format. –should be followed by the code of that format, here I have chosen code 22 because I want to download the video having resolution 1280×720. You can also use –f best to download the best format available.
  • c : it will forcefully resume the partially downloaded file.
  • i  : ignore errors, while downloading playlist it will ignore the video and next video will be downloaded.
  • t  : this will use the title of the video rather than putting a code or something to the video file as its title.


For downloading playlists, you must put URL of the playlist in double quotes (“[URL] “) and you can use the same options and attributes as we used above while downloading a playlist. And then the whole playlist will be downloaded with chosen video format.

 youtube-dl -f 22 -cit "URL"

YouTube DL: Best YouTube Playlist Downloader For Linux

YouTube DL For Linux



YouTube DL: Best YouTube Playlist Downloader For Linux


 youtube-dl -f 22 -cit  --playlist-start 5"URL"

The option above, --playlist-start 5 will start downloading the playlist from the video on index fifth(5th video of the playlist).you can choose any index by putting the desired index after –playlist-start.

 youtube-dl -f 22 -cit  --playlist-end 20"URL"

The option above, --playlist-end 20 will stop downloading the playlist after the video on index 20. you can choose any index by putting the desired index after –playlist-end.

The above two options will help you download a desired of your playlist.

Another great option provides numbering the titles of videos of the playlist

 youtube-dl -f 22 -cit  -A %s "URL"

The option above, -A %s will put numbers in the ascending order to the titles of the videos.

 youtube-dl -f best -cit  --write-sub  "URL"

--write-sub will download the available subtitles for the video


I think this post will help you in downloading YouTube videos and playlists with YouTube-dl. There are a lot of cool options there too. You can type youtube-dl -help for more cool options. Good luck.


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